Sunday, April 17, 2011

hand painted graphics

sunday once again! :D
i hope everyone's good! i've had a really nice weekend, yesterday i got my triple jump pb of 10.81m which i'm really pleased with! :D especially as my coach made me do an 100m race before it. but it's the beginning of the athletics season and hopefully i just get better and better! :) so today i went shopping with my little-big sister janelle which was really lovely! :D i'm going shopping again tomorrow so expect a post tomorrow/tuesday on everything that i bought\tried on! 
today though, i'm going to show you some of my art work... my clothes artwork! i'm not sure if any of you know, but i used to design plimsolls. (left & right) and so when my lovely sister siobhan at asked me if i fancied designing some dresses and slouch type tees she made i jumped at the opportunity! so i thought i'd show you all what i came up with :) let me know if you'd like siobhan and i to make you any of the designs as siobhan made all of the clothing and i handpainted them all!
1. grey vegetable ant dress
siobhan made this gorgeous grey bodycon dress and handed the fabric paint over to me to which i painted on a carrot, peas in a pod and a tomato, accompanied by some very hungry ants! i really love this, i would wear it on it's own, or with a shirt over. 
2. hot pink paint splattered tee
quite simple but really comfortable and the splatter adds little hints of colour so you could wear it with almost anything :) my inspiration for this was the action art movement, i love jackson pollock and franz kline art work and that's where i came up with the idea of doing this.
3. white lovey bird crop top
slouch style crop top which i love and will be perfect for summer! recently i've been obsessed with the bird pattern and i love this type of bird print. in fact today i bought some bird print tights :P i got the idea for this by googling bird tattoos, and that's where the 2 birds came from. i instantly loved it when i saw it! then i decided to add a little embellishment and so i painted a few birds in the corner and i think this adds a little something. this would go with pretty much anything, and monochrome is really big this summer!
4. royal blue peace slouch tee
i really love this one, it's based on my hand (you might recognise the long nails and bracelets). i got the idea for this because for some of my art coursework, i was drawing my hands and i liked it so i did a pop art type style with it. so i thought "ah that would be pretty cool on a tee" and here we are! 
5. royal blue hand print bodycon dress

last but not least! i really love this dress, i know it's my design but i really like it! it has 2 hand prints on the hips, where my hands fit in to the perfect slot when i put my hands on my hips. it's a really gorgeous bodycon dress and although small detail i haven't seen anything like this hand on hips and i really like it :)
i hope you like my designs as much as i do and i hope you've enjoyed reading! ronan xxx


  1. wooww girl !
    Look atchu with all your designs, actually loving them !
    Loving how you added on some more birds to the crop top too, very talented chick :) xx

  2. you do paint lovely<3 :) so talented! C:

    i especially love the bird crop top and the veggies medley dress.


  3. Thanks for comment and following.

    I love the shoes and white crop top you designed.

    I' m following now.

  4. wow your really talented i am glad to have meet you ..... need to buy your lrggings... hahaha

    i love all the tops how do u get the clothes printed? i check out the web site really nice clothes!!


  5. They're gorgeous and totally chic!
    Love your blog!!

  6. @cheyenne haha thank you! :D xxx

    @cathy thank you so much :)! xxx

    @deniz thank you, and great blog! :) xxx

    @monzie you too! :D haha great thanks! i really can't wait to see them :D ah great :D, my sister hand makes all the clothing available at but these painted designs are just a few that i did so if you'd like one/something silimar let me know! xxx

    @florence aw great thank you! :D xxx

  7. I love all these designs, especially the bird vest and pink top.

  8. How AMAZING hun!! Your so talented. I would love for you to enter the great give away on my blog. Love Sia x

  9. i love the veggie dress SO MUCH its just so random and cute. my favourites are the bird top and the hand print dress. cant believe you came up with all those ideas over just two days :O took me forever to do my peacock tee and i was totally stumped for ideas afterwards hehe xxx

  10. @lace and coffee thank you! :) xxx

    @loca thank you! lovely blog, im following too!:) xxx

    @sia aww thank you so much! :D thanks for letting me know i definitely will now! :D xxx

    @vonny hehe thanks vonvon :D ah well i am a mastermind :P xxx

  11. nice job!!! i've been dying for a printed "bird" blouse! love that one!

  12. @oomph ah thank you! :D try painting one yourself ;) xxx