Thursday, April 21, 2011

sunshine award and a pretty pair of shoes

good afternoon! :) just a quick post today again to show you some pretty things, and talk about some very pretty people :) firstly, here's an outfit i wore on tuesday just to pop down the shops and have a little jam in the sun :) 
okay so this is just a quick outfit i put together to go with my friend anissa to get her nose pierced (which i couldn't watch:P). these trousers as seen in a previous march blog post are from topshop and so lightweight and comfortable as you can see i sat down to have some cheese here :) the top was a present from keisha, but i believe it's from urban outfitters. i decided to wear these trousers because i couldn't be bothered to put sun cream all over my body and i put the crop top with it because it's nice and breezy although, mod én folie doesn't actually mean anything in french :P
as you know, i'm also not one for sandals, but as i was looking through the new jack wills summer 2011 collection (which is amazing by the way) i found these sandals which i really like!
100% leather and quite expensive i guess but that's jack wills for you, and you are paying for quality :) available in the lovely floral pattern or simple brown. honestly i usually hate sandals, especially the "gladiator" type, but these are sort of different and i hope you see why i like them :)
sunshine award!
i was absolutely delighted to find out that florence from awarded me with the sunshine award for inspirational positivity and creativity! florence's blog is fantastic and i feel honoured to have been given this award so thank you so much! :D

the sunshine award comes with a few rules,  i believe you're meant to pass it on to 12 bloggers  and post this and post that. but i rang up my sister siobhan (at and told her that i thought it would be nicer to pick maybe 4 or 5 bloggers who i think deserve the sunshine award most to which she agreed:)
there are so many beautiful and amazing blogs that i've come to know and love in the past few months, but i've decided that i'd like to award these five blogs with the sunshine award:

1. monzie at because apart from being a really lovely and amazing person, monzie is pretty much creative genious and reading her blog is such a pleasure! really glad to have met you monzie! well done! :) xxx

2. cheyenne at because even though i'm crazily jealous of her beautiful hair, her blog is again such a pleasure to read and get tips from the amazing outfits that she puts together! well done cheyenne, keep it up! :) xxx

3. lydz at because for one she always looks amazing, and has a really gorgeous and colourful style which i love! lydz also is so creative and gives such a fresh and new incite into the world of fashion :) well done lydz! xxx

4. jenna at because i love jenna's blog pretty much! her outfits always look amazing and anyone could learn something from the clean and creative way that jenna puts outfits together! well done :) xxx

5. cathy at because cathy is such a nice girl who has a really lovely blog! cathy is so open to trying and appreciating different styles which i really love and reading her blog is really great:) well done cathy! xxx
thank you again florence for my sunshine award! and i hope everyone has a lovely thursday!:) ronan xxx




  2. :D well you're very very very welcome because deserve it monzie!! :D xxx

  3. awwww ): thank you ronan! sooo >w< kind of you.

    i'm soo honoreedddd too <3 T___T!

    i noticed in your photo that you have a ear cartilage piercing. xD i kind of want one, but i'm afraid of the healing process taking sooo long. XD.

  4. you're welcome cathy! :D everything i said is true!:D
    ah yes, i have 2 cartilage piercings (you can see better here ( the healing process takes about 12 weeks, that's when you can change the earring, but it's not painful at all and the 12 weeks includes "just in case" time :) i would say go for it, and also get it done at a proper legitimate place. i got all mine done at claire's accessories which is good because you can choose the earring it's pierced with and also they give you a whole booklet on looking after it, as well as disinfectant/cleaning solution. go for it! xxx

  5. oh wow thank you soooo much for this dear. thanks alot :)
    Lydz xX

  6. you deserve it lydz! :D xxx

  7. Well done! You deserve it!

    I blog about fashion!

  8. thank you marika! :) really nice blog! xxx

  9. babe i got you a size 4 in the black leggings? hope your having a great time in the sun!