Friday, April 15, 2011


friday! ( friday, friday wooh :P) 
so it's friday- the end of the week and for me, another day of avoiding revision! i'll get on it next week...
anyway, i've just discovered an amazing new brand\designer which goes by the name of "goodone". goodone started in 2007 and is an award winning independent fashion label that reinvents the meaning of ucycled! what i mean by ucycled, is that goodone uses only reclaimed fabrics to create their pieces which works with already exists! 
goodone also tailors each item you purchase for no extra cost as they believe that our bodies are unique. goodone are available online at and also at also some pieces from each collection are available at topshop oxford circus, beyond the valley, diguardo and 69b. 
here are some things from the spring summer 2011 collection that i love:
1. i'm not one for long skirts but i absolutely adore this outfit and the crop top is to die forrr!
2. gorgeous dress and the colours work really nicely together!
3. i love that the leggings are mesh so almost tights, and the jumper looks so comfortable.
4. chino slouch trousers are always a winner and this outfit loos so relaxed.
5. slightly different henley type jumper which is sexy but chic, with the leggings really work.
6. i love the top, looks so great and you could wear it with anything!
next, the autumn/winter 2011 collection is already out! (lucky us!) and here are a few things i love from it:
1. i am in love with the cropped cardigan top and the long pencil skirt goes well, chinos from the ss11 collection would look great too.
2. i love the leggings once again! and the blouse/top looks so soft and comfortable but also smart\casual.
3. i love colour! so you can see why i love this stunning dress!
4. this jacket would be perfect for autumn/winter and is also beautiful with the plum tights. would go with almost anything!
5. i can imagine this dress working on so many people and with the tailoring to fit to any body type, it seems like a winner to me! i'd be honoured to have this in my wardrobe. 
here are a few other cool little bits i found\need: 
definitely check out goodone, and i hope you enjoyed reading today! ronan xxx


  1. I love those outfits, especially the fact that they remind me of last season's outfits. Perhaps they're thinking that everyone's still going to be in recession mode???

    I love that plastic bag bag! I need a new recycling bag...!!

  2. I agree with you about the long skirt thing, I'm not really a fan either for some reason I just think they'll end up making me look even more lanky then I already am haaaa, but paired with a crop top dammmmm looks hot! haa xx


  4. great post yet again ronan ... im just loving your blog its so fresh and full of information i love its like a new designers forum of heaven lol!!

    keep posting babe!!!


  5. @Julia haha the bag is great! i doubt you'll find anyone else with it too and it's only £9 ;)xxx

    @cheyenne haha exactly! but on that model that whole outfit looks so great it makes me want to try it out! xxx

    @eleutheria thank you! :) sure! xxx

    @monzie thank you i'm so glad you enjoy it :D i definitely will! :D xxx

  6. Gorgeous pants! Love it, and I followed you.

    Visit me! Lots of love

  7. thank you! love your blog, following too :) xxx

  8. aaawww loves it love everything on this post :) x

  9. ♥I love your blog so much.)) ♥

  10. great pictures!!xx

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  11. haha hilarious bag! that skirt needs a slit though. is a total tripping hazard! great post xxx

  12. They are all great. I love them

  13. Love this post! Great picks. Love Sia x

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  15. @lolita thank you, lovely blog too!:) xxx

    @mary thank you! i'm really glad you enjoy my blog! :) xxx

    @uhooi thanks:) really helpful blog! :D xxx

    @siobhan hahaha maybe, but then you wouldn't have the pencil like effect :P xxx

    @deniz thank you! :D really nice blog! xxx

    @sia thanks sia! :D xxx

  16. thanks for following me! I follow back!

  17. i've never heard of this brand before. their stuff is pretty sweet! x

  18. great post!!! thanks for you comment!! xox

  19. oh what an excellent find - going to have to check them out next week when I'm at work - such great selection


  20. @miss starshiny sure! :) xxx

    @maddelena cheers! :D xxx

    @franchesca yeah it is! i love that they tailor your stuff as well xxx

    @fabiénne your welcome and thank you! :D xxx

    @pretty things yeah definitely do! :D xxx