Saturday, April 23, 2011

horace and my bike ride

hey everyone!
hope you're having an amazing weekend, the weather's been beautiful and yesterday and today i went for lovely bike rides down by a river (there's a hanky panky...two fat frogs sitting down beside me...ooh aahh ooh ahh down by the river there's an odd one out!) which was beautiful and as i love a bit of photography, i took some photos to show you :)
but before that i've newly discovered a really cool and colourful designer which i know you'll all love. but of course like with any designer there are good things and bad things.
the designer i'm talking about is a trio of designers who go by the name of horace ( which are: adam entwisle, emma hales and philip grisewood. they founded the brand in 2002 with design studios in bali and london. although clothing isn't available for purchase on the website, collections are available at,, beyond the valley, shop 172, bitching& junkfood and village bicycle.
so with no further ado, here are horace:
1. spring/summer 2011
as you can see, the collection is a mixture of greys and brights. i really love the bright colours combined with the greys and bland colours. also the bold patterns and styles. i love the baseball jacket on the 1st model, leather jacket on the 2nd, 3rd shirt, 4th waistcoat, 5th jacket, 6th jumpsuit, and i'm no entirely sure what the 7th thing is haha. is it a dress or an elongated vest? whatever it is the pattern is quite cool :P i love that horace is completely unlike i've ever seen before and i could actually imagine real people wearing these items in everyday life :)

here are some things from the autumn/winter 2011 collection:
for some reason, i prefer the summer stuff but there are a few things that i really love in this section. i love the oversized jumper, and you see bananas again in the second and third outfits! but i love the blue banana trousers, if you wore them with a simple tee or something they have potential. one thing though, i absolutely hate the boots that the girl is wearing, i think they look like a cat squashed into a black bin bag who's fur is squashed through.
anyway, i love the pattern of the 4th dress but i'm not sure about the style. i also love the jacket the 5th guy is wearing, i'm not sure why but i like the different sleeves and think that the spikes would look really good over a bodycon dress or something. i like the baby blue leotard too but it looks like a swimming costume and i'm really not sure about the male dress... but there you go, a designer's whole collection can't be amazing!
but i think that horace is definitely one to watch so check it out at!
now here are those pictures from my lovely bike ride with my brother and daddy:)
(there are quite a few pictures, but i really like them:) )
just what i was wearing. just liked it for some reason

ducks are adorable!

i never knew that every swan in england belonged to the queen!
these are the plimsolls i customised :)
thought this was pretty :)
the queen's swan
the river goes on for miles on end!
so casual when there's something burning down a few miles away!
one of my favourite shirts, and my mum's bike ;)
a helicopter goes in to sort out the fire
this cool guy had a bucket barbeque with teriaki (deliciousaki) chicken and prawn skewers!
took me a minute, but it's homer simpson shooting a gun
a chef at work
his girlfriend looks well happy.. she knows how good his cooking is
marcel has a dream to ride a bike with his hands and legs out like that
i do love good graffiti
so this is the first time i've ever had all my hair back without a fringe in public... these are my favourite jeans- akademiks
my bike is obviously better than his ;) my shirt-hollister, his polo - gap
bike against a brick wall, looks all photographyish :P
fooling anyone?
i like the "out of focus-in focus" look of this and the blue over the house blending into the sun
my favourite photo of the day! like father, like son :)
ok second favourite, i love this so much, i don't know why :P
feet hanging off the edge
the river and the bridge, i like the reflection
sorta looks like marcel has a tiny head and massive legs
haha :D
definitely 3rd favourite!
and fourth favourite!
cycling is the way forwards
if these photos haven't persuaded you, cycling is really such a peaceful and enjoyable activity to do so go get your bike out, you know you want to ;) hope you've enjoyed reading! ronan xxx


  1. shal! the duckies are so cute. also how cute are mouse and fard haha. I really want to go cycling soon! your hair looks fine pulled back you poo but i am definately used to seeing the fringe! Great post shal! loved reading it as always xxx

  2. p.s. i think the label you found is really cool but you may look INSANE wearing that coat lol xx

  3. haha yeah :P >< hehe thanks von, the fringe will definitely be staying my eye was just itchy :P thanks von glad to hear it! and haha yeah, you'd have to take one piece and work it into something a little more toned down :P xxx

  4. As always i love your blog posts the first designer/s is amazing great find ...( loving all the clothes male and female ....LOL ''fooling anyone ahahah lmfao ... your so talented and funny!!

    great post again ... ill be contacting you about delivering you in regards to the delivery of the leggings (the leggings might be slightly different)... also check out my blog ill be posting some garments i have recently designed/customized!!!



  5. cool photos! and those designers have a very unique aesthetic, very nice :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  6. wow looks like u had such an awesome time! nice pics

  7. very lovely post!

    xx, Sabinna and David

  8. @monzie i knew you'd love the designer :D haha thanks you :P ooh cool i definitely will! and sure, can't wait to see them!:) xxx

    @dee thanks a lot! checked out your blog too-love it, following! xxx

    @karima yeah we did :D thank you! xxx

    @sabrina and david, thank you! love your blog too, following xxx

  9. I love your gorgeous shoes rainbow!!




  11. @florence thank you!:D xxx

    @monzie hahaha hey hey :P thank you so much monzie! :o i'm so honoured ahh wow! will definitely write about this tomorrow! xxx

  12. Great photos. I love them. It' s an interesting information that every swan belongs to queen. Thanks for sharing:)

  13. @ deniz thanks! :D yeah i thought so too!:) xxx

  14. Your rainbow shoes rock!!!!!

    xx Cat brideblu

  15. Hiya i just wanted to let you know that there will be a little delay in the process of your leggings ;( i made a tiny hiccup so sorry but all will be done soon also i wanted to let you know that what material will be used to make the prints on your leggings ... it will be foam as i want the design to stand out u know like pop ups!! lol which means it will have to be washed in cold water by hand only? is this okay with you... ill let you know more about taking care of the garment when i send it out to ya!!!



  16. such cute pics babe, biking looks like sooo much fun, hope you had a great weekend :)
    Lydz xX

  17. @cat thank you! made them myself :P xxx

    @monzie replying on your blog :) <3 xxx

    @lydz thank you! it really is :D you too! xxx