Tuesday, June 12, 2012

cause no-one's lonely having fun girl

hey guyss! how're y'all doing? :)
i'm goood, went back to college yesterday and so i'm back to counting down the day's til' summer! i want the sun back as well, it's been grey and dreary since last week and the rain's started.. even though it's supposed to be june! i really need to invest in an umbrella as i keep thinking i have water-proof hair and clothes which i clearly don't haha. anyway today i'm just gonna show ya an outfit i wore on sunday. 
wolf sweater - princes vintage
shirt - topshop, customised with buttons from e17 market
grey american apparel riding pants
reebok classics - sports direct
i really like this outfit - i like the navy/grey colour combo with the green collar poking out the top, plus i was quite proud of the buttons i sewed on myself! also, i love my reebok classics - bringing back 2000 inspired by man like me. a friend compared my wolf sweater to the givenchy rottweiler jumper which didn't ring any bells until i remembered i'd reblogged a picture of it on tumblr a while back. (see what it looks like here) it's basically just black with a rottweillers face -mouth open- on it. it's pretty cool, and if i had 357 quid lying around i'd happily have added it to my wardrobe! however i got my wolf sweat for just £21 from princes vintage, and i've never seen another person with it! i quite like "scary" animals on jumpers, princes vintage have a new wolf sweater up on their site in burgundy and so when my funds allow (hate being broke :'( ) i will be purchasing it!
anyway, that's all from me today. off to have a relaxing evening listening to james blake and reading i-D magazine. hope you have a lovely week and have enjoyed reading :) ronan xxx


  1. Great outfit LOVE the jumper so cool!

  2. I love the sweater, it's awesome! The buttons you've sewn on look really cute on that top, I have that top in other colours and now I want to do the same!

    L x

  3. love your sweater! The buttons are such a cute touch on that shirt too : )

  4. Nice sweater and cute outfit overall :)

    Tanesha x

  5. I love this old school relaxed look. Its so freaking cool x

  6. Aw :) Nice outfit combination! I love how you layered the stripe shirt with your jumper!! and those AA pants are a must have. I need a pair!!!!

  7. i really love growling/mouth open animal prints on tops or dresses. every since christopher kane's (?) one collection with that gorilla print...yep, fell in love. therefore, i love love love your outfit. awesome sweater with really comfy looking pants and the unexpected shirt collar sticking out? perfect!


  8. I love the shirt re-work and the jumper. Great find with princes vintage-I just looked up the wolf sweater and it's sooo nice!!

    But on a serious note... Something dreadful has happened to your Reebok's. They disappeared early on this morning but left a note saying that they've put themselves in the bin. Don't worry through. I've replaced them with some luvverly wedges :D x

  9. american apparel is making riding pants now? dang i should have saved mine from when i was 10. they look EXACTLY the same. love your sweater

  10. I love your top, the print is awesome!:) XX

  11. I wanna be like you and wear riding pants with sneakers. When my baby weight comes off. I'll style an outfit and dedicate it to you for the inspiration. If I did it now, my legs would look like tree stumps ha.

  12. You are such a cutie Ronan :) Your hair is flippin amazing too!

  13. Oh my god. YOu have SUCH AN AMAZING STYLE! I don't know ANYBODY else who rocks a pair of those trainers like you can. The jumper is simply great, I must have one similar to this in my life. And the riding pants compliment it so well and make your figure look fabulous! Jel. Lovely blog!

    Gemma x


  14. You look too cool, Im now following you!


  15. Love the shirt collar and the leggings, they're so cool! Ugh, I know though, wish the weather wasn't so bad :(