Monday, January 10, 2011

america's next top model

hello! i haven't blogged in 4 whole days! as you've probably noticed :P 
it's because i try to make my blogs as interesting and enjoyable to read as possible and i really haven't had anything interesting to talk about excluding school, exams :/, carol's awful cover up in eastenders today, sainsbury's and such :) but today, probably similar to many of you who watch america's next top model.

This is jut one group shot out of the 15 cycles of america's next top model. hosted and produced by supermodel, photographer, actress and presenter tyra banks.
The show is a weekly show, a competiton consisting of 13 girls who are competing to become america's next top model. the prize of the show is to win an $100,000 contract with one of the biggest modelling agencies in the world. and also usually the cover and a 6 page spread of covergirl magazine or such like. This season it's the cover of and possibly a spread in italian vogue.

I can understand the want to be on one of these shows, (there is australia's next top model, britain's next top model etc.) but the fact is that the model agency that the winner gets signed to is consulted when the competition winner is being chosen. the problem i have with this is, is that if the agency don't want one of the girls, they will never win. which is why i think that if you want to be a model you should go to an agency yourself or try and get scouted. 
for example, the winner of last seasons britain's next top model - tiffany pisani - actually couldn't talk. not that she had any speech impediments, it just seemed that her mouth wouldn't open wide enough for the words to come out. and the girl that she was opposite in the final, was a much better model in general. but i think that the company that signed tiffany had something to do with why she won.

previous winners of america's next top model. - on the left, naima. and on the right is danielle which have been 2 of the best models on the show in my view. danielle previously worked in abercrombie and fitch before coming on the show and has done really well for herself since as has naima.  

nyway, what i wanted to talk about today, is the size of models. most models are a us size 0, so a uk size 4-6. which you might think is ridiculously unnaturally tiny and that all models are anorexics. this is obviously untrue because i'm completely healthy, at fit the stereotypical models size category.  but today when i was watching america's next top model, i noticed a girl called anamaria. 
anamaria.. as you can see is very, very skinny. literally only skin and bones. and on her first photoshoot she stood out because of this. 
mr jay, which is one of the judges of the competition is also creative director at the photoshoots so he sort of helps the girls to pose and get into the mood of the photoshoot. but he found anamaria very difficult because of her limp skin and bone figure. 
the problem with anamaria though is that she's not healthy. she counts calories and sticks to a diet of literally a rice grain a day.
when she did the behind the scenes sort of, "what the girls thought" thing, she said that she likes her weight. she likes being able to see her bones, muscles and ribcage. which i think is pretty gross. if you look at her you can see skin and bones, and tyra banks said that she had potential to be a good model because of her face, but if she was insistent at staying at her coathanger size, she must learn how to model to her advantage. 
but being stubborn as she is, anamaria decided that she knew what was best for her, and she was insistent on this. 
at panel, where one girl is eliminated each week, anamaria got kicked out of the competition. tyra banks said that her portrayal of a good model was incorrect and she would be giving lots of young girls the bad impression of models and how they should view their bodies. but, she did that that if anamaria was fit, healthy, and still naturally lean as she is it would be different, but as she's almost starving herself, it's wrong. i completely agree with this. tyra also said that some fashion designers will also discriminate against models that are unhealthily thin because it's sending the wrong message about their clothes and what they're about.

i find it odd that plus sized models in america are about a uk size 12 because i don't think that that's a big enough average size to be called plus sized. but i also don't agree that models should be tiny thin little hangers that the clothes just fall off, but i still keep up with the theory that models are tiny because if the design of the clothes fail, then the designer hasn't wasted much fabric :P if you have any comments then definaiely let me know :) but i hope you've enjoyed my blog! ronan xxx


  1. hahaha! her mouth couldnt open wide enough for the words to come out. LOL.

    also... that anorexic model... she said something like 'i need to get lean' on an advert for the show.

    that 'jay' guy looked MOCK-horrified.

    i love how they're pretending to be all 'moral', but if they were reallY trying to send a message about ACTUALLY eating dinner, theyd never let her on the show. HYPOCRITES. EURGH

    love your blog. keep it up xxx

  2. haha it's true! i know! like i want to take her to dhaka and get her a kebab! if she was healthy it'd be fine but nooone should live like that :) hmm... maybe they put her on the show to send a message to any other model hopefuls that they don't need to do that to be a model :) thanks von xxx