Monday, January 03, 2011

last day of the holidays & shallow hal

howdy, how's it going? :) hope this year's gotten off to a cracking start for you. for me i've been a bit too occupied dreading school to enjoy the day but i tried :P 

today i've enjoyed the company of my lovely brother marcel. 
this wasn't taken today of course but hey :) a photo can't hurt.
anyway, we started by popping to the shop to get ingredients to make mum's hot toddy. (cough drink, lemon garlic ginger honey) then were rather disappointed to see that the the sausage shop wasn't open. so we went to spar and settled for a pepperami, fizzy peach juice and spaghetti ingredients.
anyway, we got back home and after marcel made a smashing spag, we decided to watch shallow hal.

i love shallow hal! if you don't know what it is, it's a film starring jack black and gwyneth paltrow. the basic plot is that hal (jack black) is really shallow until he meets tony robinson (inspiration speaker) in a lift. and robinson brainwashes him to see inner beaty. which is when he meets rosemary (gwyneth paltrow) who's fat, but he sees her as a bombshell because he's seeing her inner beauty. and his friend who is even shallower than hal intervenes and yeah, you can work out the rest.
what i wanted to talk (minus the great soundtrack and amount of times jack black uses the word "wicked") about is the amaaaazing prosthetic job done on gwyneth paltrow in the film and the way that they get away with actually using gorgeous girls (hal's view) and ugly ones (everyone else's view) instead of just uglifying the pretty ones.

the picture on the right is the difference between the read gwyneth paltrow and her character and all of it was done using prosthetics. the body and face was all a made up fat suit. they also got a fat body double to do some of the shots like at the swimming pool because "rosemary" is meant to be in a bikini, and it would be too hard to hide the fat suit. this is why "rosemary" always wears knee length skirts in the film.
i find it so interesting how you can actually alter a person so believingably! wow. 
google is being silly, so i can't actually get any comparative photos of some of the characters in shallow hal that have an ugly actress and a good looking actress to show the difference in views between "hal" and "the world".
but it's like if you were an actress, and you got casted as a character. imagine being told you'd be playing the spastic ugly one and another model-looking actress would be playing the good looking one. i know i'd be like, "gee thanks".
i guess to make it better the director made sure that the ugly actress was uglied down even more. and the good looking one was made up. but it still doesn't quite justify the face that one woman has been cast as the ugly one. 
for one of the characters "katrina" played by brooke burns. they casted the same person and just completely uglifyed her for the part where the world sees her.
<-this is her ->
i think this is a much nicer way to do it. but i guess things can't always be nice.
and that's showbusiness ;)

anyway, goodnight for me. i've got a wonderful day of school headed tomorrow so i best get cracking to bed. tomorrow i'll have some reviews of my school uniform because majority is from american apparel :) so stay tuned! ronan xxx

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