Monday, January 24, 2011

big heels, little heels, cardboard box heels

happy monday everyone! :)
i hope you've had a fab day! mine in fact wasn't the usual tiring, boring, useless day, i actually had quite a hilarious science lesson including the trainee teacher losing complete control of the class. ha ha haa. i shouldn't laugh, poor lady was trying to teach us incorrect information about static electricity or something. :P aaanddd adele's new album (adele 21) is out! oh also, i have a question that i really want answered, why are office ladies (or should i say toads) so rude?! they sit there like they're the queens of the school when really if we weren't there they'd be out of a job so technically ms king, i think you'll find that you're working for me!
 anyway, before today i have a rant, today i want to talk about high heeeelsss! there's a point in every girls life when they start to steer away from pumps and flats and want to elongate their legs and start wearing heels! as you know i have my baby louboutins<3 :D but the occasion arose that maybe i should purchase a pair of more everyday heels, even if similar, cheaper so that i wouldn't mind strutting about in them in east (east) london :P especially seen as on saturday my lovely friend kim is having a 16th birthday meal and the dress code is simply to "dress up". and i know that majority of my friends will be wearing heels, and as the tallest, i must stay the tallest at all times :P shorties probably don't see the need for this but i thought it was important for me to keep up the height. so i went on a hunt for a cheap but nice pair of heels :)
1. first stop was new look.    
new look always have pretty affordable but also nice shoes. so i thought that it would probably be the best place to look :) here are a few pairs of shoes that i found.
i was pretty disappointed when i found these. this is a little montage i put together to show a good overview on the types of shoes that new look had to offer. the first pair i think are quite nice :) i wouldn't personally wear them but they'd like look nice on my mum or something :P the second and third pair.. the roman or "gladiator" sandal as i think they're most widely known. personally, i'm not a fan. my sister janelle would probably love them :P i don't really like the peep toe type shoe in general, but as well i don't really like the strappiness. a shoe should either be on or off..  not both :P and the clog pair... are just. i'm sure someone out there can pull them off but on majority of people they're a fashion disaster.
so in conclusion, new look let me down. the only thing i'd say was good is that the prices are reasonable and if you like peep-toe shoes, then new look's your shop :) for me.. not so much :)
2. the penultimate- office. 
office is very similar to schuh. and sells a wide range of different types of mens and womens shoes, boots, trainers etc. and i had a look on the online store to see if i could find my perfect pair of heels on here :) here's what i found.
    interesting :P office do have a very diverse range of high heels and you can see what i mean by this selection. the first pair i think are the sort of thing that you think of which seems like such a cool idea but then you actually do it and it doesn't quite go to plan :P for one the peeptoe thing. no. i don't think they've quite got the treel (trainer&heel) blend quite right here. i'm not sure what's wrong about them but they just.. aren't quite right. the second pair i actually really like1 i wouldn't pay £80 for them unless i was really rich but i actually really like them! they're different and i like the colour of the heel, sort of a subtle colour and mixed with the black makes them look very unique :) the third pair i don't think work so well. the suede doesn't look good. maybe in real life they're nicer but here i don't think they're so good. and the last pair i dont' really understand. are they a boot or a shoe? are they a heel or a clog? the mix of "bohemian chic" and "the dog ate half my shoe" probably could work really well with like high waisted shorts and a leather jacket or something. but i don't think they're quite what i'm looking for.
3. schuh. 
schuh is probably my favourite everyday shoe store because they offer such a range of different shoes in one place! i thought after my disaster with the last 2 shops, i might be able to find exactly what i was looking for in schuh!

okay so here are a few things that a found. the first pair i wont talk about seen as you can probably guess what i think from the other pair of cloggs 8-) :P the second pair i loooveeeeee! they're stunning! i love the bows and the heel is just amazing! the only thing that put me off is the £67. i wouldn't be willing to get those ruined and i'm skint :P so they were sort of out the question. the next pair are irregular choice but sold in store in schuh. the thing is that i actually like irregular choice! the stuff is different :) but these would probably clash with  my skin colour no matter how lovely! so i decided against them :) the last pair. my brother would probably murder me in the night if i even thought about buying them! and i can understand why. i also don't quite understand the point of the stilleto kitten heel? why? the heel is so small it's insignificant, the only thing that it does is make the foot look longer because in proportion to the heel it doesn't look quite right. you can probably see what i mean :) although schuh shoes are usually a really decent price, maybe not cheap but decent :)

and with schuh i'd found my winners!
these are the ones that i bought :D they're 12cms so approximately 4 inches high, and they were a bargain! at £14.95 down from £49.99! i fell in love as soon as i saw them. mainly because they're really similar to my baby louboutins, just the fact that they're so wearable (after practicing all week indoors :P) and i wouldn't have to worry about mucking them up! and plus! i'll be about 6'2 in them, so i shall be the tallest ;)
so i ordered them! and hopefully they'll come by saturday for kim's birthday!
i hope you enjoyed today's blog! and have a lovely wednesday! ronan xxx

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