Sunday, January 02, 2011

get to know the real ronan

ello ello ello.. who wants a muffin?!
today i've left it quite late to post. it's 11.52 and i don't have any interesting ideas for my blog cos i'm quite tired! tomorrow i promise something spectacular :P but today, i've decided that maybe it'd be nice for you to get to know me a little better, since you've been reading my blog :)<3
oh before i start, i wanted to share something hilarious with you. today i was sat down to watch a film with marcel and my dad. and we couldn't decide what to watch, marcel suggested superbad, so i agreed. but my dad came out with this choice line "oh i don't want to watch that farty film again". you may not understand the hilarious genious of this quote. but the fact is that my dad thought that superbad, was in fact a new and updated version of thunderpants. which is a childrens film completely devoted to farting.

i just thought i'd share that with you.
so here's some more about me, in quiz form of course :)

name: ronan
birthday: 10 november
favourite animal: dalmation, duck or sheep
eye colour: brown
hair colour: very dark brown
height: 5'10 and a bit
clothes size: 4/6
do i like school: no
phone: motorola flipout
right or leftie: rightie! but jump off my left?
best physical feature: i guess my skin's pretty good 
ice cream or yoghurt: ice cream! duh :P
pizza or chinese: pizza
do you smoke: never
have you ever been drunk: once and never again
do you have any pets: 3 kittens & a cat
close with your family: yeah :)
burn or tan: tan unless i can help it
lib dems or conservatives: conservatives
favourite shoes: all of them
favourite song: don't have one
believe in love at first sight: of course :)
morning or night: daytime
ninjas or pirates: ninja!
superpower: ability to make everyone happy
shop: don't have one
ever been addicted to something: runescape or sims :P
tattoos or piercings: 4 ear
1 thing i miss about primary school: not having actual lessons
dream job: costume designer
apple juice or orange juice: orange, no pulp
believe in abortion: yep
holiday: i'd love to go to australia
which habit drives me crazy: bad manners
first thing i notice in the opposite sex: smile
am i shy: not particularily

haha :) i hope those random questions helped you learn a little more about me! thank you, please come again :) ronan xxx

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