Sunday, April 15, 2012

keep me running

hey guys, how're you? :)
i'm good, been cramming in some last minute work this evening which is why i'm posting so late. i haven't posted in over a week now because i've busted my camera lense and need to get it fixed, but i borrowed siobhan's today :) i just went to work today, but it's back to college tomorrow :'( and i've got my art exam on tuesday so i've been busy preparing! well that and stuffing myself full of sunday roast :P i just wanted to show you what i wore today because i bought these new jeanssss! please excuse my messy hair day :P
 tee - bad habits. courtesy of spencer at
jeans - blitz
belt - topshop
socks - new look
nike air max ones @ office
i bought these jeans from blitz - brick lane, on a little shopping trip with laura on tuesday. i was well excited about them because i've wanted some like this for ages and they were only £30 so i was pretty happy :) i also cut my tee into a crop top as you can probably tell because it's a tad uneven haha but i cut it real quick before work today so you have to allow me :P i've been cutting lots of tees i don't wear much into crop tops because i wear so much more high waisted stuff than i used to and i don't really like tucking in, i prefer the way they look just hangin' ;) 
anyway that's all for me tonight, i've got to learn all my lines for my drama exam and do a couple more pages in me sketchbook before tomorrow. have a great night and i hope you all had a lovely easter! i hope you've enjoyed reading! ronan xx


  1. I'm the complete opposite to you, I buy crop tops because they're pretty and then end up not wearing them because I can't tuck them in! Haha, you look gorgeous! Jeans are too cool :-) xx

  2. I really like the jeans/crop top combo. I agree with tucking things in. Its so uncomfortable!

    Now, just put on some lovely wedges instead of those revolting trainers and we can be friends again :D wedgwedgewedgewedgewedge if i could wear them in bed i would... x

  3. This look rocks! Love the boyfriend styled jeans! :D

    Kisse xx

  4. I love your dress sense, I swear I say it in every comment - but please be a personal stylist at least in your spare time!? You'd be so good at it.

    Good luck with your exam and I hope you fix your camera soon :)


  5. Nice kicks! :D

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  6. It's all about Brick lane for shopping. DAMMMM!! I want those trainers. x

  7. Love the jeans, I've been looking for a similar pair, watching some on ebay at the mo. I've been cutting tops into crop tops recently too. Much easier than tucking everything in!

    Laila x

  8. Absolutely love the jeans (I work in Blitz ;)) and wowwoowow I need your Air Max :( I wanted them so bad! x

  9. Those jeans look good on you honey... and u are so pretty. I am loving your dreads girl. #teamnatural all the way :) I am you 285 followere. WOW u have a lot girl. I need to be like you :)

    Kami from

  10. thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! your blog is so interesting! good work!i adore all your pictures!what about follow each other if you like? i hope you will come back! i send you a big kiss!
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  11. I love this look!! You're so pretty x

  12. Pretty of you(of course, your outfit is also beautiful too!!) Love this casual style!!! Your jeans and t-shirt are fab!!!
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