Tuesday, April 03, 2012

mint green

hey everyone :) how are you?
i'm okay, my immune system has failed me slightly and i've been feeling a bit ill for the last week or so. but i hate letting it keep me inside especially when the sun's out, so yesterday i went for a picnic with some of my friends which was lovely. i'm on easter holidays for the next 2 weeks now which will be nice, i've got lots of work and revision to do as this year has gone so fast and exams are coming so quickly! but i'm not one to stress, i'll just try my best :) i also picked up a disposable camera yesterday from boots, it was buy one get one free which is always a plus. they're so much cheaper than my polaroid film so i'm gonna see how the photos come out from that.
so here's what i wore yesterday.
jumper, belt, skirt - topshop
shirt - hollister
tights - henry holland @ river island
nail polish - left hand: barry m, right hand : rimmel
worn with grey vans
so this is definitely a head to toe topshop outfit, i didn't realise until i just wrote it out haha. i bought this jumper last week on a spontaneous drag-my-friend-to-oxford-st trip. i wanted something light and comfortable for summer and i loved the mint green colour. the material was so soft so i just couldn't resist. i decided to pair it with this pastel pink shirt because it was sunny but clear the weather could turn and i wanted to be warm just in case. lastly, one of my closest friends ruby (who i share my twitter&tumblr with) has started up a photography tumblr which is really cool so check it out if you're into photography - http://changingaperture.tumblr.com/!
hope you've enjoyed reading, and have a lovely week. ronan xxx



  1. You look lovely! wish i had those henry holand tights! plus your friends pictures are amazing! she is really good xx

  2. love your skirt ans your sweater!! u look great in them!

    xx, Sabinna and David
    Broken Cookies

  3. Really cute, love the jumper and the skirt. Also like how you've painted your nails a different colour on each hand!

    Laila x


  4. Hope you're feeling better now lovely!! You look gorgeous regardless of being ill, loving the contrasting pastels! Your so lucky to live in the mighty LDN, i would love a 'drag a friend to oxford st' day! Hope the picnic was fab + you feel better enough to crack on with revision + crap, ahhhh how dull. Deffo agree with your attitude towards it though-you can only try your best! Have a fab easter babe Xxx

  5. Nice look!I really love those thigts! where can i get them online? Have a wonderful day!



  6. cute sweater! love the different nail polish too

  7. love the look. pretty sweater. get well! x


  8. This outfit is awesome. I was asked to pass on the Blogger Appreciation Award, so I wanted to give it to you.
    Love this blog, keep it up!

    You can see the post here faithlessmusing.blogspot.com


  9. your hair just gets more and more amazing :D you look awesome xx

  10. You look gorgeous, I love every outfit you put together. Please become a stylist and help me! xx

  11. I love the dress and your hair is AMAZING!!

    http://fubtabulous.blogspot.co.uk/ x

  12. I sincerely like your photos and your blog is just gorgeous!!
    Sending loads of love and following via Bloglovin :)


  13. I adore this outfit! So cute, love that jumper! This may serve as my outfit inspiration for tomorrow =)

    xx Missy

  14. Adorable look, love your skirt and jumper! ♥

  15. Your tights are so cool. You always look so fancy yet comfy.

  16. Lovely skirt and colours, you look lovely :)