Tuesday, January 28, 2014

we'll tiptoe to the sun

hey guys!
how are you? hope you had an amazing christmas and new year! i can't believe it's almost february already. i have been meaning to post for ages but until last week i was doing 7 day weeks with work, interning and uni so i've been pretty busy! i went to copenhagen to visit my friend nikoline last week though which was amazing. copenhagen is such a fresh and peaceful place, and not as expensive as you always hear! i've got to show ya the few little things i picked up there, but today i wore a jumpsuit that mumma got me for christmas! (please excuse the complete change in colour haha my camera - and the light - died halfway through so had to use my phone!)
 photo IMG_0201_zpsf012a928.jpg
 photo IMG_0191_zps313cfc27.jpg
 photo photo4_zps28b720af.jpg
 photo photo4_zpsb2f2ba32.jpg
 photo IMG_0216_zpsf946c694.jpg
jumpsuit - topshop
jacket - kangol
socks - nike
boots - windsor smith
 photo IMG_0199_zps7eff8fc7.jpg
so i haven't really worn floral print in ages, especially not allover haha. but mum surprised me with this super cute jump-suit at christmas and it feel quite solange in it haha. i can't get enough of nike socks at the minute, and love this white pair with my windsor smith platform chelsea boots. also, this is the puffer jacket i was talking about it my last post, i decided to go back and buy it and it's literally my favourite jacket ever. so so warm and cosy and so ridiculously big. although in copenhagen i found an even bigger one that if it wasn't 400 pounds it definitely would have come home with me!
take care! ronan x

instagram: ronanksm
title song: outkast - prototype


  1. Those BOOTS!!!!!!

  2. Amazing!


  3. These are amazing photos! I love your shoes SO much xo

  4. Wow love that jumpsuit on you, another stunning outfit! :-)


  5. This outfit is incredibleeee! The jumpsuit paired with the boots looks so epic! xox


  6. love the jumpsuit with those boots!


  7. Jumpsuit is a dream! Seeing florals in winter makes such a nice change :)


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