Tuesday, October 01, 2013

my eyes are green and i'm jamaican

hey guyss! how are you?
i'm good! went to see danny county on sunday who was amazing, his style and voice are just so unique. i've just been getting into my course which is going well i think. definitely wanting to do a degree in promotion now and get into styling! a few weeks ago; suzan from educate elevate streetwear contacted me wondering if i'd be interesting in doing a feature on them. i'd been following suzan (syselcuk on instagram) for ages as i love her styling educate elevate streetwear so was so excited to hear from her. here's how i styled the pieces.
Educate Elevate Streetwear 2 photo 3_zpsf7b48ca1.jpg
Educate Elevate Streetwear photo 1_zpscb043e6d.jpg
Educate Elevate Streetwear 3 photo 4_zps007998f4.jpg
Educate Elevate Streetwear 1 photo 2_zpsa7f3ada3.jpg
Educate Elevate Streetwear 4 photo 5_zps018056b1.jpg
sweater - educate evevate streetwear, shirt - asos marketplace, skirt - donnay, socks - only ny, trainers - reebok, scrunchie - american apparel
Educate Elevate Streetwear 5 photo 6_zpsab2ed168.jpg
Educate Elevate Streetwear 7 photo 8_zps633dc79d.jpg
Educate Elevate Streetwear 8 photo 9_zps7c58c522.jpg
Educate Elevate Streetwear 10 photo 11_zpsef143dc7.jpg
Educate Elevate Streetwear 9 photo 10_zpsef5cbb6e.jpg
beanie & t shirt - educate elevate streetwear, belt & turtleneck - american apparel, shorts - sondico
what do you think?
i felt pretty dapper in the pieces! coming up slightly oversized they're easily wearable with so many different outfits, and perfect for going out in or just chillin. i was just happy that the hat fit my head to be honest haha, and i love the forest green colour of their signature beanie. educate elevate have a wide range of vintage inspired pieces available on their website - click here to check it out. 
take care, ronan x

instagram: ronanksm


  1. I love how you've styled all of these pieces! Your socks are gorgeous xo

  2. Ahhh always love your outfits <3


  3. I love those shorts, and I'm happy to hear you're liking your course!
    Deejay Speaks

  4. love the shorts too, and you definitely rock those boots!x

  5. Your eyes are green? Really? What a beautiful combination! I love your shorts. Both of the looks are great.


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  7. killing everything so naturally & beautifully. the setting is perf

  8. Huge fan of your style! Can I take one of your photos for a post I made a while ago? here is the post http://boldgoal.blogspot.mx/2013/09/epidemia-de-algo.html please thell me what do you think :)

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