Wednesday, November 02, 2011

tramp benches

 hey, how's it going? :)
 today i whipped out my winter boots. 
 shirt and cardigan - urban outfitters
 boots - gift from siobhan - red or dead
 skirt - hollister
undertop - h&m
this skirt maid me feel slightly like a maid haha but i like it. so did some fat old man who felt to tell so me as i walked past the corner shop this morning.. ooherr. i didn't have work today as i've cut my shifts down and so i met up with max who i haven't seen in ages which was really nice. we sat on some tramp benches after finishing off lemon drizzle cake in the deli. YUM. i love cake. also, what's everyone doing for fireworks? i might go to alexandra palace which would be good. when i was younger we used to have a fireworks and sparklers at the back of the garden.. before everyone realised how dangerous fireworks were :P so be safe whatever you do! and i hope you've enjoyed reading :) ronan xxx


  1. That skirts nice! i'm super jealous :P

  2. This outfit is so cute Ronan! Love the blouse + those boots, + you definitely do not look like a maid;) Hope you have a good night bonfire night!! Xxx

  3. That's a cute skirt!

  4. Hey Ronan! You look adorable as always, looove the skirt and boots. I'm so excited for bonfire night!!

  5. This skirt is sooo pretty, I love it! It looks great with the boots and that blouse, I like this together

  6. love this look, those boots are great x

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  8. What are you all celebrating to have fireworks at? Sounds like fun! ;)

    I really love that skirt and top! And the boots are from Siobhan! She's got a great eye for things! You look really lovely :D

    Missing Amsie Blog

  9. Nice shorts honey!!! You're very cute and I love your dread locks ;)


  10. really like your cardigan! the sleeves in a different colour with the lower shoulder line look really really good!

    xx, Sabinna and David