Wednesday, March 07, 2012

happy birthday mumma!

hey guys! 
how're you doing? :) i'm gooood.
 even though it's results tomorrow - i get the results from my sociology as unit one.. eek. i'm not too worried though because i sociology is my hardest subject and i hate it, so whatever i'll get i know that i gave it as good a shot as i had at the time. good luck to everyone getting results tomorrow! :) just a quick post today to say happy birthday to my beautiful mumma.
 sweater - princes vintage
shirt - hollister
skirt - topshop
nails - maybeline & elle red layered
worn with my black clarks desert boots as seen here
 i had to hold the camera in this last photo so the only option was to bite the paper haha :P i love sweats/baggy jumpers and floaty skirts as i was discussing with mala today, but i never really go with it much because i go feel most comfortable in something baggy and something tight. but i love this combo and will be trying it out more in future!
 anyway, i'd just like to say that mumma, i hope you've had the most lovely birthday. you're a big inspiration to me, and i just want to thank you for all the support, breakfast, leaving little gifts on my pillow for me when i get home from college, always being there and everything else. i love you mum. happy birthday :)
have a lovely weekend everyone, thank you for reading! ronan xxx


  1. aww you're a sweet daughter : )
    good luck with your results tomorrow and i love your sweater!

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog.... i love your style!!!

  3. love your skirt! & happy birthday to your Mom :) xox <3

  4. happy birthday to your mum! Good luck with your results xx

  5. I love your sweater!!! Happy B. to your mum!! ;)

  6. Hope you did well. Love your jumper x

  7. your sweater is awesome! happy birthday to your mum too

    Laila x

  8. Your jumper is the coolest thing ever Ronan! Love that you teamed it with the flowy kind of skirt, it looks really cool [i know what you mean about the tight/baggy thing though!] Massive happy birthday to your mother who im sure is a major legend just like yourself!;) Sure you did fabulous in your sociology exam + you deffo have the right attitude towards it-if you try your best it will allllll be fine. Hope you had an amazing week babe! Xxx

  9. Love your skirt! Super cute!!

  10. So sweet of you! Love your outfit, the sweater & skirt are amzing! ♥

  11. very nice blog ! you should check out me and my sisters fashion blog ! :DD follow for a follow ? ;;D

  12. I adore your jumper and it is lovely of you to wish your mum a happy birthday in a post! I hope she had a wonderful day <3