Monday, March 05, 2012

black and blue

hey everyoneee! how are you? :)
i've been alright, busy with college and workkk which is why i haven't posted in a while - sorry about that! i've missed blogging and reading all my fellow bloggers posts but i'm catching up tonight :D today i just went to college, but didn't have a great day because some of my teachers were stressing me out, but i've come home and relaxed and eaten far too many of siobhan's homemade oatcakes and i'm good :P 
i just wanted to show you what i wore today, i've got my new money polo on which i got yesterday. money do really good polos - they're easy to take care of and are so comfortable. i've wanted a black polo for a little while and decided on a money one because i like to be loose at the top, tight at the bottom type look, and although they're mens, i'm wearing a small and it has quite a nice relaxed fit to it.
thanks to janelle who took my photos today! :)
 baseball jacket - rokit
hoodie - stolen from marcel - h&m
polo - money @ choice
belt - topshop
skirt - urban outfitters
brogues - office
i love my new brogues as well. i got them yesterday as my uniform shoes - so in other words for free.. (and i say hellyeah, hell yeah hell yeah, fucking right, damnnn right alllright! hahaha). and they're really good because they have a slim fit. also as they have a sort of vintage washed quality to them they're not too bright and will go with lots of colours. i can't wait for the sun to come out properly so i can wear them without tights! 
also yesterday, i got some gorgeous new burgundy vintage levi cutoffs from urban outfitters which i can't wait to show you! i reckon vintage levi's, colourful socks and baggy t-shirts will takeover my summer :D what are you most looking forward to this summer?
anyway, that's all from me tonight! so i hope you've enjoyed reading, and have a lovely week :) ronan xxx


  1. that jacket is gorgeous! x

  2. Oh! There goes those long legs again. I love the shoes. x

  3. very nice outfit! I love the jacket, looks so nice and comfy:) x

  4. You dress so gorgeous for college Ronan, put the rest of us to shame haha! Adore those brogues the colour is so cool [SO jel of them being 'uniform'!!] and your shopping spree sounds fabbbbulous! V. jel of you going to Reading Fest, the rumoured line up sounds incredible, i might get tickets in the holidays depending on my funds-bring on the summer baby! Hope you have a fab week gal Xxxx

  5. I love this look!! Your shoes are amazing!

  6. lovely outfits!

    thanks for the comment on my blog,

  7. You are so cute, I love the boyish pieces with the little mini bodycon skirt. Such a great mix!

  8. loving your outfit!!!

  9. LOVE your brogues! And the whole outfit looks lovely:) XX

  10. I love the combination of a feminine skirt and the jacket; there is something very 90's about it that i adore :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

  11. love this style - and the way you combined the college jacket - good job cutie;)
    x the cookies

  12. What cute skirt!!!

  13. I LOVE your vintage baseball jacket, such a great find!


  14. I love this outfit so much! fancy trading figures? hahaha xx

  15. i love this blog!! you're mad just like me!! (in a good way haha) and amy is right your figure is to die for!!! you remind me of a really stylish modern mod.. if that makes sense??!! actually love the fact that you left an essay on my blog it really made me smile a lot!! I'm definitely your newest follower for sure!! woo!!- jade xx

  16. thanks for your comment, your blog is so cute! love the brouges in this post :) xx

  17. Amazing look!!! :)
    xx Alexandra