Monday, July 09, 2012

wherever there are cats, there are dogs

hey guyyys, how're you all doing today? :)
i'm good! had such a lovely weekend, been my first complete weekend off work since the end of august and i went to gay pride which was really nice. the costumes and music of the parade were amazing and plus i got free cake, chocolate and stickers to last me a lifetime :P although i thought the show later on at trafalgar square was lacking musical talent, and full of boy george singing songs in languages that i don't think anybody understood haha, the vibe was really merry and happy.
the weather's been quite warm but it's been so grey, dreary and dull so today i decided to wear all black; partly by accident because i just reallllly wanted to wear my new space jam tee, but also because i never wear completely black and i wanted to see how it'd look. 
tee - ebay
underground creeprers @ office
nail polish - rimmel
i quite like it to be honest!
not to say that i'll turn goth and start wearing completely black all the time but once in a while i think it looks quite sleek. this is one of the oversized mens tees i've gotten into recently that i was telling you about in one of my recent posts, they're just so comfortable and make my legs look extra long. plus, if you never watched spacejam as a kid you need to netflix the shit out of it right now haha! such a good film :P 
also, the lazy oaf x batman collection launches on friday and i'm so so excited about it! the previews show prints of batman logos with the quite animated trademark lazyoaf style of illustration and so i can't wait to see the whole collection! plus the monroe apparel new line is also out on friday so i'll be kissing my wages goodbye and welcoming a broke month ahead hahaa! 
anyway, i'm off to have something to eat before work so i hope you've enjoyed reading today, and have a lovely week :) ronan xxx


  1. I also was in London while the gay parade was on, the roller skaters were so cool! You look lovely by the way, I like all the black.

  2. space jam! i remember watching it at the cinema when it came out! i was in london when pride was on but never actually saw any of it. i was too busy eating! xx

  3. It finally arrived! Woop! Love it & space jam in general xxx

  4. That's such a cool top, so many memories associate with it too.

  5. I USED TO LOVE SPACE JAM! I so need to watch it again, haha, that t-shirt is the best :D

  6. :O i want that tshirt !!!! so cute xoxo

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  8. love the look!
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  9. ahhh your tee is such a dream!! <3

  10. you look great in all black! haha wish I could just wear a baggy tee without pants and pull it off like you do! :)

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  12. OMg I was obsessed with space jam as a kid!i love this look!
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  14. :O that tee is amazing! Space Jam was my film!! Getting nostalgic haha, love the all black, works so nicely with this tee!


  15. SPACE JAM! love that movie! I love how your paired it with the creepers too~ So lovely!