Friday, September 14, 2012

says she wants my loving all night

hey guyyyys!
how're you doing? :) my first week back at school has actually been quite good. getting back into the flow of getting up early and focussing. i'm actually going to take myself to rymans to buy some folders at some point this weekend! think it's the blazer making me feel all smart and educationally haha. or maybe the knowledge that i'm jetting off to madrid in 6 weeks aaaaah so so excited! :D so anyway, this is the blazer that i picked up on tuesday after getting sent home from college. i found it in beyond retro and instantly loved the cashmere soft fabric and grace jones shoulders. 
 blazer - beyond retro
shirt & cardigan - urban outfitters vintage renewal
skirt - american apparel
panda bag - sports direct
boots - office 
so this is what i wore to college today. as you probably know or have noticed, american apparel is one of my favourite shops and is where my corduroy circle skirt is from. i love the fit of this skirt and it's easy to dress up or down. also, you must have noticed the adorable little panda sitting comfortably on my back! this is my new rucksack from sports direct that my friend picked out for me after finding that i love the hay munching mammals. unfortunately i couldn't use this backpack for college as it is a kids bag (hahaha) and so it doesn't fit a lot in it, but it's so soft and cute that i absolutely love it. 
is there anything that you guys probably shouldn't like but can't help it? ooh and who's checked out the topshop x jw anderson collection? i loveee the prints but some of the actual styles i'm not sure about. 
have a lovely weekend everyone! and thank you for reading :) ronan xxx


  1. Omg I love your cutsie bag! Hahahah xxx

  2. looooooooooooooove the layers! and your hair asdfghjkl awesome

  3. Love this outfit, your bag is the cutest thing! Shame you couldn't use it for collge :) Also, I'm in year 10 by the way, not year 11 :)

    Pip x

  4. I love this outfit, the skirt is so nice.

    Have a look at my new blog :)

  5. That outfit is so kooky, I'm lovin' your style. I adore the panda rucksack!

    Got yourself a new follower!

  6. I love this outfit! And your panda bag is sooo cute and fluffy.


  7. Stunning outfit, I adore those boots.
    The panda backpack is so cute (:

  8. I adore this look hon! Glad u had a good week back in school! Oh Madrid sounds really nice.. Im going to London in like a month =)

  9. your skirt and bag are fantastic!
    Great figure!

  10. Wow I want the panda so much. This is so gorgeous and amazing. I love pandas in general so I am instantly drawn to it.

  11. This is a really nice look, and glad everything is working out :) Madrid sounds good, would love to visit someday.


  12. Ahhh so in love with your cardi! Wantwantwant. I love that you got sent home so went shopping haha. Loved the JWA X Topshop collection too but I agree. I wanted some paisley goodness but the shapes weren't right. xxx

  13. bag is TOO cute and the blazer is a brill find.

    J x

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  15. Love the shirt!

  16. shirt and cardigan are great, you look so cool!

  17. This outfit is so cute! Love that cardigan and shirt :)

    Dakota at

  18. i love this outfit! the shirt and boots are awesome x