Thursday, September 20, 2012

whatever you like, whatever feels good

hey guyyyys!
how're you all doing? im gooood :) had a really nice day today, finished college at 11 then spent the rest of the day with my friend at london zoo. it was a little disappointing that there weren't any elephants or pandas, but there were some beautiful little monkeys that i was sooo tempted to scoop up and take home with me! we also took a detour on the way to the lions, with a little trip to the kiddies petting zoo to stroke the baby goats which were soooo cute, and my friend tried to stroke a sheep but it ran away from him as soon as he stretched his hand out hahaha. anyway, this is what i wore to the zoo :)
jumper - dr martens (cut off)
polo neck top & trousers - american apparel
belt - topshop
shoes - clarks originals @ office
i got these trousers yesterday at the american apparel factory outlet, just off brick lane. they were a bargain at like 20 quid, when usually they'd be about 60. they're a little big at the waist but a belt sorts that out no problem :) there were quite a few nice things at the factory outlet, however most of the stuff is factory seconds so overdyed, damaged or sized slightly wrong, but defo worth a check out for a bargain! i paired it with this jumper that i copped at the dr martens sale for a fiver a little while ago, than cut it into a cropped jumper because i wanted to show off the cut of my new trousers. with my polo neck underneath because it was cold outside but i didn't want to wear a coat, plus the roll neck is a nice difference to have a collar poking out the top :)
today i'm just going to leave you with explaining the title of today's post, which is "whatever you like, whatever feels good" from frank ocean's song 'sweet life' which was in my head all day. click the link at the bottom to listen to it :) hope you all have an amazing weekend! and have enjoyed reading, ronan xxx


  1. Love these mannish trousers :) I always forget about the AA factory outlet (probably just as well as I'm so poor at the mo) xx

  2. I love this outfit. You trousers are amazing


  3. Ah, so jel you went to the zoo! Ain't been there for yonks, in fact I think the last time I went there were elephants still haha. Loooove your trews, why did I not know there was an AA outlet? Must make a cheeky visit! xxx

  4. Gorgeous !

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    xo ,
    Ana Catalarrana

  5. Great post! I love it! ^^ You have a nice blog, mind to follow each other? :)


  6. great trousers, definitely a great bargain for aa

    Lola xx

  7. cute outfit, the pants flatter you well because your waist is tiny! :)

  8. Gorgeous outfit, love those trousers !

  9. love your outfit & so jealous of your trip to the zoo!x