Sunday, September 23, 2012

he's brave and walking sure

hey guyysss!
how're you all doing? :) i'm good! just been jamming this morning; went to this cute little coffee shop called daisies with my dad, and whilst we were in there this woman's phone got snatched from her table and the man who took it ran out of daisies and down the road! it could have been my phone, because i wanted to sit at the window and i always leave my phone on the table.. never again! it's so strange how something that can seem so normal is potentially dangerous :/ anyway on a lighter note haha, i've got a little video for you today instead of photos, because the weather is absolutely horrendous and i didn't want to make my brother stand in the rain and take pictures of me under a brolly haha.  sorry the quality's not great, just took it on my laptop webcam!

jumper - lazyoaf : i've cropped it and cut the neck into more of a scoop
shirt - h&m
american apparel disco pants
shoes - office

 i got these shoes free yesterday for my uniform. if i'd paid they would have only been about £40 so a couple people were saying to get something more expensive for free and  just buy them myself but these were the only shoes that i really liked so i thought i'd just get em and i don't regret it! :) similar to clarks desert boots but with a platform-looking twist i'll get loadsa wear out of them. anyway, i'm off because this evening i had a lovely barbecue with some family and friends (despite the rain) and i have stuffed myself to the point of in-desperate-need-of-a-nap haha so off to get ready for college tomorrow. but i hope you've enjoyed reading/watching today, & have a lovely week :) ronan xxx

title song & song in the background of the video: lights out words gone - bombay bicycle club


  1. love the shoes!!


  2. sorry sorry i sometimes turn comments off when i know i'll be too busy to reply to them! poor lady having her phoned nicked, that's a pretty rubbish coffee break! xx

  3. I really like your outfit you look cool & I love the backdrop with its pop of color!

  4. the shoes were definitely a good choice they're lovellyyyy!!

    Laila x

  5. I love the shoes, they're a well good choice! Expensive don't always equal better ya know. Aw no poor woman, I always have my phone out too gotta be more careful xxx

  6. Wow!This is amazing,babe!Love,love,loooove!

  7. I love the video idea pip! Really shows off your outfit-i LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE what you're wearing xxx

  8. such a cute outfit! and i love how its a video! cool idea :) cute name for a cafe too :) xx