Tuesday, September 11, 2012

and it's the sweet words, that pull me in

hey guyyyyys! how're you doing?
sorry i haven't posted in almost 2 weeks! it feels like i haven't blogged in longer but i was quite busy jam packing the end of my summer holidays haha. i had such an amazing summer holiday, and it's such a shame that it's over :( but i went back to college today, which wasn't as great as i'd hoped. i got sent home in the first hour for not wearing a blazer, i was so angry which you might have seen if you follow my twitter (@ronrub2010). but i went to brick lane and found a really nice blazer in beyond retro with shoulders that make me look like a missing member of 5 star, but who cares cos i love it haha. anyway, here's what i wore today.
shirt - blitz
skirt - topshop
boots - office
nail polish - stargazer
i thought i looked quite smart to be honest. and i was trying my hardest to comform to the new uniform rules; shirt/blouse with a black skirt & black shoes but still keeping my own style which i will continue to keep trying to do. for once in my life as well i'm sort of looking forward to the weather getting a little cooler, i want to whip out the cardigans and jazz up my uniform with some subtly colourful knits. also, i've got quite a few new shirts and bits, and some trousers which aren't skin tight for once haha so i'm looking forward to showing you those! how are you guys finding going back to college/uni etc?
i'm off now to do some work due in tomorrow that should probably have been done over my summer holiday, but it's a holiday so obviously i didn't do it haha. hope you all have a lovely week, and have enjoyed reading! take care, ronan xxx


  1. that blazer story is so funny, it reminds me of being back at school! ha I love the colourfulness of the shirt and you are so lucky that you just went back today, I've been back for three weeks now! :( xx


  2. those shoes are cute!


  3. I love that top. Your body is sick!

  4. great top!

    xo Jennifer


  5. That sounds a bit harsh!! At least you found yourself a nice blazer in the end! xx

  6. I love the top and the skirt is such a great fit on you.

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  8. Wow a it extreme for not having a blazer.
    Love the print on your top, very pretty x

    Lola x

  9. That's absolutely ridiculous!? I think you look really smart on these pictures, I love the shirt, surely if they want you all to look the same there should just be a uniform :/ here's me thinking education was more important haha xx


  10. I love your shirt, love Blitz


  11. hey great set love the shhoes, gladly follow you:)))would you like to visit my blog?

  12. Loving the shirt so much!

    Would be a pleasure if you visit me too,

  13. I adore your whole outfit, I think you look smart without a blazer so you shouldnt have been sent home but hey, I don't make the rules..

  14. At the beginning of sixth form they were always absolute knobs about uniform but people were soon strolling in wearing jeggings (or 'stretchy jeans' as the head of sixth form called them.) You look great, that shirt is nuts in the best possible way xxx

  15. Wow, can't believe you got sent home - can't begin to imagine how we'd feel if that were to happen to us - probably won't go to school the rest of the week (bad idea lol) Great look as always, love your shirt! Good luck throughout the semester.