Thursday, February 03, 2011

paul's boutique

halloo! hope you're having a good week!
if you're not anyway, it's friday tomorrow! :D my week's been alright :) waterloo road! back yesterday :D if you don't watch it you should! parents evening at school today, wasn't too bad :) ooh got my first college interview date for next friday at wanstead :) anddd a dinner lady tried to start something with me today. but i wont talk about that :P

today i wanted to talk a bit about paul's boutique!
paul's boutique is getting more and more popular, and is in fashion at the moment. i'm guessing anyway seeing as about 100 girls from my school have a pauls boutique bag :P i don't really like/ know much about paul's boutique, so i thought i'd have a little look and see if i found anything that i liked or if it really was just overpriced crap like i thought :)
1. topsPhotobucket
 these are some of the tops i found! :)
-the grey tee, i'd never pay £25 for in a million years. not only is it simply for brand bitches who want everyone to know they got it from paul's boutique, it's not even something different.
-the red check shirt i actually really like! bit of a rip at £41, but it looks like it's good quality and i like the folded up sleeves  :)
- the next shirt is just a striped shirt but it shows how the shirts fit and i like it :) standard shirts so you're just paying for the logo but they look good.
- the darker red check shirt i'm not too keen on. it's a good example of a shop doing lots of things right but also.. lots wrong. maybe on someone it wouldn't look so bad but there's just something i don't like about it. 
- i like the white ice cream too. probably because it's got an ice cream on it:) it's £18.60 in the sale, and it's quite nice i guess :) definitely not sure about the arms because i like a tee to have arms not show off the top of my shoulders but it's ok :)
- the next thing is a cardigan, shown on the model i really like it! it looks really soft and isn't too "look at meee look at meeeee!" which i like. unfortunately i found a picture of it from the back and i'm not sure... but i guess it's self advertising so if it was as soft as it looks i'd definitely go for it :)
2. jumpers


these 4 sort of sum up the whole paul's boutique hoodie collection.
- the pink one is absolutely hideous. wouldn't be flattering on any body shape, it wouldn't look good at all! it's just ... a waste of money.
- the red one is okay. i mean i wouldn't wear it because there's so much going on! it's so... busy and bright and yells paul's boutique. i could see it looking nice over a simple dress or something but i personally don't think i'd wear it enough to pay £61 for it :)
-suprisingly, i really like the next one which is like a jacket! it's not zebra-ey. it's very thin purple stripes and is sort of like a jacket. although it has lots of badges it sort of suits the style because it's more like a jacket than just a jumper. and i like it. it's sort of retro and could be thrown over anything because of the colour. 
- i hat(e) the next one. it's trying to be a baseball jacket, and only few over the head hoodies are nice and for obvious reasons, this isn't one of them.
3. jackets
these are 3 jackets that i thought show what sort of jackets paul's boutique sell.
- the first is a blazer. i quite like it and think it looks nice, but i can't stand the sleeves. why aren't they either full length or short? that length just ruins the jacket.
- this quilted style coat is in fashion and i actually really like it! it looks comfy, waterproof and good. not too flashy so could be worn with lots of different outfits and £61 is pretty decent for a jacket!
- i don't like this one. i haven't had a coat this style since year 5 which i got from bhs and i adored it. looking at it again it does look warm and comfortable and would be a nice throw over, the one you kind of don't like that much so wear it loads and save the nice one. but it's growing on me as i write this :P it would never make the top 5, but it looks like a coat you could wear! i could see it looking very unflattering on some though. only problem is the price tag. at £141, no wonder i have seen so many copies.
4.bits and bobs


so these are some other bits and bobs i found :)
- the jeans i really like, they fit nicely and £46 is a really good price!
- fail of paul's boutique. these look so tacky and sort of... essex-mutton-dressed-as-lamb type jeans :/ i'm sure they'd look nice on the paul's boutique model but on anyone else... no go i think.
- i like this dress :) it's a similar style to ones that hollister have, but i like the colours and it because it's quite simple, it could be worn just for the skirt, or in summer, smart or casual and i like it :)
-i really like the next striped blue skirt. i think it's really cute and what some shops would call a "flirty" skirt. maybe quite short but it looks like it'd be quite flattering to most and easily wearable with different outfits.
- the next skirt however is not so nice. i don't know exactly what makes it so different from the other skirt but this one just doesn't quite have the same "p'zazz". it seems quite samey. and not very different from something one might find in shops such as "bay" or "internacionale" 
5. jewellery
 here's some of the jewellery i found.
- this is a badge for £16 if one falls off your bag or something. i think not! :P 
- if someone gave me £2 i could make these earrings! 
- i quite like these 2 charm bracelets. i was surprised to find them on paul's boutique but i actually really like them both! they're affordable and look well made :)
- the necklaces are both okay too. pearls seem to be a running theme through paul's boutique, and i wouldn't personally wear a necklace that has the brand name on it but i think it's nice none the less.
6. last but not least. bags!
 so bags! what paul's boutique is most well known for! 
- i've seen so many people with this bag! in fact, my sister got it for her birthday the year before last and it's still going strong. i really like how the colour is bright but also matt and not toooooo out there. the black one is the same bag in a different colour and they do look really classy:)
- the next set of bags, the stripy ones and the leopard print one are the same style in different colours. the pink, is a bit too jack wills for paul's boutique so i don't like it. but the blue i do actually like. i may even have to do some begging (daddy) for it :P i like the style of it. looks like you could have all your stuff organised in there and it's a nice size :)
- the next tiny clutch is place and has "i <3 pb" on it. i actually really like this! it's a clutch bag which doubles up with a little chain which can go over your shoulder and i think it's nice, classy but also can show your colourful side.
- for the more reserved laddyyy, the navy one below is also really nice. i like the simplicity of it and it would look good with so many outfits because of the simple colour and design!
- the blue bag looks like a shower bag to me so i don't think it's wroth £46.
- the next two i don't like either, i just don't think the pattern is very nice to be completely honest. the blue one has too much going on and i can't imagine it looking nice unless you were dressed up. it couldn't be casual whereas some of the others could :)
 so in conclusion! i don't think that everything from paul's boutique is overpriced crap!
in fact i think 50% of it is actually really nice, good quality stuff, you just had to dig for it:P
i'll definitely be looking at paul's boutique when i come into some moneyz :P but goodnight from me now :) thanks for reading! ronan xxx 


  1. great post shal.

    omg how much are they charging for that purple bag now?!?! when i got it it was £55 and that was 6 months ago. How can it possibly go UP in price to £66 :-/

    also waterloo road is *gasp* getting a bit boring dont u think. with the new 'bad boy' coming to the school who has a rubbish mum, and with the sercretary (janine) trying to become a teaching assistant. yawn! ill still watch it next week tho lol haha xxxx

  2. thanks von von :)yep 66 now! like a 20% increase! but more people are buying it now so they assumed they could con people like that :P sa joooaakkkeee :P <3

    haha yeah! haha it's like bolton or fin all over again. they're just gonna work him out and he'll be besties with josh or something. janice is the same story as with ms shackelton a few series' ago. soon she'll be a teacher :P haha i know! nothing better on eh :P

    you been watching eastenders von? now whitney's a prossie :P love you xxxxx