Saturday, February 05, 2011

warmest day in months

evening! :) hope you've had a nice saturday! 
and enjoyed watching poor lucy on take me out get rejected once again! :( oh a few days ago i started a photo blog on tumblr! here's the link if you want to have a look :) today i went shopping :) well looking as i'm superpoor :P around selfridges mainly because i've never had a proper look around there :) i'm happy to report that i really liked it! theres hundreds of brands all in one place which is great, although when you're poor it's well depressing :P i wanted to see the billionaire boy's club section. which if you don't know if pharrell's brand and everything is absolutely lush! i saw a jacket that i've decided i'm willing to sell my liver on the black market for as it's £1095 :( but it was amazing to look at anyway. there is also the biggest shoe gallery in either the uk, the world, or europe as my trusty source bergue told me :P which as you know if you read my blog regularly is like my heaven!
so today, for a change the weather wasn't too bad :) quite warm so i could put the jeans out and whack out a pair of shorts! so i thought i'd do a little review of my outfit, and then (i met siobhan at oxford circus and she bought me a skirt :D) a little review of my amazing new skirt <3
today's outfit :) my sister janelle was my photographer for today, and in the first picture i actually was laughing! :P none of the exact items in stock any more but i thought i'd do a review on the size, pattern and find some similar items :)
so first my cardigan - it's from uniqlo - £15 - lamb's wool - xs. it's a really soft cardigan :) and goes well with lots of different outfits because of it's basic pattern. the only thing i'd say about it is that when it's hot, it gets a bit itchy because of the real wool not a mix. i've found some similar ones that i really like on urban outfitters and here they are.
second, my top - jack wills - £14 from the jack wills outlet , £44 original price i think - 8. this is just a regular jack wills henley top. but what's so great about regular jack wills henley tops is that they're made to a great quality and fit really well. the colour is quite mild but it makes the top easily wearable in a variety of different ways and is really comfortable and cushy! this one isn't in stock any more
 because i got it a few months ago 
but like for the cardigan, i've found a few that are similar that will fit just as well. 

thirdly, my shorts :) - topshop - 6 - £52 -high waisted. topshop always have amazing clothes! and i love these shorts which my mum actually picked out for me! they're supercomfortable, lined inside so that they're not itchy and although they're short, they don't look trashy :) they have big hidden pockets which is handy unlike a lot of shorts. i'm wearing them with a belt here because the waist is quite roomy and i prefer them on my waist than just sitting on above my hips. they're actually plaid not just checkered but i think it give them a nice touch and means they can be worn with more:) here are some similar pairs that i like and found also on topshop.voila!
so lastlyyyy! my shoes :) i got them about a year ago for my 15th birthday from topshop. they're a size 6 - £70. there's not really much you can say about a pair of shoes apart from the fact that they're uber comfortable, still go with my outfit a year and a bit on! topshop shoes are also really good quality which is good. and they're not actually that expensive for a good pair of shoes so i'd definitely recommend topshop. especially as they sell such a wide range of shoes :) so i went to find some more similar pairs that i love! :)
so next up, i met my sister at oxford circus at 6pm. and i'd previously just been in topshop, and seen a skirt that i posted in my blog "if i had an unlimited shopping voucher" and i fell in love with it in real life! so, i asked her to buy it for me and she did! you all need to get yourself a rich big sister.. they're amazing!:P 
so here it is :)

so i hope you think it looks as nice as i think it does :) £35 from topshop. i just threw it on with the top i as already wearing and put the belt on too and yeah i think it works :) i've got a size 8 and it's a little bit big around my waist but it wouldn't fall off if i took the belt off. the material looks denim but it's actually some  sort of mix that's got cotton in it because it's really soft and thinner than denim. it's comfortable and floaty although i'm a little scared to wear it in the wind as it's so lightweight. it sits comfortably and yeah, i think it's definitely worth the money. it's got tiny white polka dots on it and could be worn with so many different outfits because the pattern isn't so bold!
so that's all folks :) hope you enjoyed reading, ronan xxx

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