Sunday, February 13, 2011

irregular choice

good afternoon :) 
hope you're having a good sunday and had a chance to look at forever 21, the fabulous brand that's hot in america, new to the uk and that i wrote about on tuesday!
so i haven't posted since tuesday! but i've had a really nice weekend :) my nails haven't broken yet which is amazing! although it was pretty sad seeing poor lucy on take me out get rejected, the new schuh on oxford street's opened up! i haven't had the chance to go up there yet but i definitely will be soon! :D 
oh also who managed to catch beauty and the beast on channel 4 on wednesday? and  see the lady with the disfigured face alive happy and well! and it was pretty gross seeing the other lady inject herself! she's going to look even worse when she's old! for those who didn't catch it, the show is basically about people who are looks obsessed meeting people who have disfigured faces. it was amazing really, some people are so obsessed with the way they look.  and some people are so unfortunate in what's happened to them yet they seem happier than the others. i really admire those people, and it makes me feel so lucky to be healthy and have a normal face :)
so anyway today i thought i better make my post good because i haven't written in a little while :) so i'm going to be talking about one of my favourite shoe shops.
is one of my favourite shoe shops!
and the name of it -"irregular choice" basically sum up the collection :P founded by dan sullivan in 1999, he wanted to change the way that people see shoes, and put his irregular stamp on them. over the last 12 years, irregular choice has gone from strength to strength, pushing boundaries with each new collection, which is why it has commonly been nicknames "the viagra of the shoe industry". dan describes irregular choice as "a supply of something fresh and fun that maintains imagination and originality above all else"

among irregular chioce's vast range of shoes, bags and even a few clothes, there's hardly anything that i wouldn't wear (unless i couldn't walk in them!). no matter how bizzare they look, they're all really good quality shoes that look amazing with practically everything! the most popular store is based in london on carnaby street (just past size), and in store it's like a rainbow of shoes from flats to heels to boots to trainers, and they're not just for girls! irregular choice have a wide range of mens shoes as well. it was tough because i'm awful at picking my favourites but just for you i've picked some of their best pairs, that really show the diversity and colourfulness of the brand.




and the mens...

so you can see that irregular choice designs are pretty "out there" but if you're willing to have a go, then you'll see that they really do go with almost anything ;)
i went to a friend's birthday meal a few weeks ago and if you remember, i bought a pair from heels for irregular choice to complete my outfit. i wore a blue dress, navy blazer and..

maybe you can't imagine that working together, but they really do go with almost anything! here i put them on with just a simple pair of jeans, and they look casual!
model aggyness dewn, jane off estenders, helena bonham carter and many more are all getting on the irregular choice boat so you should definitely have a look ;)
i hope you've enjoyed today's post! and in my next post i'll be talking a bit about japanese street fashion so keep reading ;) i'll just leave you with a completely unrelated photo i took today, but i think it'll make you smile :) ronan xxx

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  1. Those shoes are so fun and unique! I love the cute blue polka dots ones you have.