Wednesday, February 09, 2011

keisha, and the new asos?

hello! happy tuesday!
this evening, i've got a present for you girlies! and you guys, but i doubt you're as hot on online shopping:P anyway, i've got a little present for you! - i did some research today and found a new online shop which could be the new asos! it's called "forever21" and it's reasonably priced, there's a very varied range of clothing and the stuff is nice which is a bonus :P
forever 21 has 5 different sections to it, sort of like different departments. there are; forever 21= the main part, I<3H-81 = another clothing line in forever 21, forever21 girls= the younger girls section like the equivalent of new look 915, twelve by twelve = another clothing line, and finally 21 men, which is the mens section.


down the right of the page are a selection of the things that i found. all of the items, sub the odd few are actually all under £20! cheap and cheerful like i said! :D the reason i'd say that this website is like the new asos is because there's such a variety of affordable items. 

from shoes to hats to bags to underwear this shop has it all! these are a pair of shoes that i found for £20! the ones on the left were only £8! which i think is a really good price for a nice pair of shoes! but the fact that they are so cheap makes me wonder how they've been made, how forever21 can afford to sell shoes for such a cheap price without being on sale. maybe the quality isn't very good or maybe they're another one of the shops that uses child labourers which makes forever21 a lot less attractive. although on the other hand, if child labourers weren't working, they'd have absolutely no income, so which is the lesser of the 2 evils?
PhotobucketPhotobucketthe next 2 tops are 2 that i found that i really like. the contrasts between them really show the diversity of forever21! the first one is more quirky and the second could be for someone completely different. one of these tops is £13 and the other £20, which is a lot cheaper than they would be in a shop like topshop!
they both look like they fit well, and that they are of good quality, but when i have more than a fiver to my name, i might buy something and try it out ;)
here are a few more things that i found that i liked, but you should definitely have a look yourself and see if there's anything that you like!


also, my friend keisha -
has fiiiinaaallly decided to create a blog! which i definitely think is about time because keisha - an aspiring fashion journalist- is one of the most fashionable, stylish people that i know! so check it out - 
and i hope you've enjoyed my blog today! ronan :) xxx

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