Thursday, March 27, 2014

every mornin she shampoos my locks

hey, how are you?
i'm good! have had a busy few months getting ready for assessment at uni then for degree interview. the weather in london has been so up and down, the week before last was so hot (for england paha) and yesterday it was sunny but ended up getting soaked half way through my run. i'm so ready for summer and some warm weather. although i've finally started to enjoy layering, i still refuse to wear proper tights haha. 
 photo IMG_2079_zpsd3a38d03.jpg
 photo IMG_2072_zpsaa506fd0.jpg
 photo IMG_2068_zps283206dd.jpg
 photo IMG_2064_zpse591e500.jpg
 photo IMG_2084_zps426784a2.jpg
 photo IMG_2086_zpsb50b1ff0.jpg
scrunchie - american apparel
polo - from a friend
sweater - slazenger
skirt - motel rocks
scrunchie&nails - american apparel
socks - adidas
cat footwear colorado boot
 photo IMG_2065_zps8e0f2197.jpg
i love this almost sheer silky stripe polo that my friend joao gave me the other day. i think he got it from a charity shop in portugal for next to nothing. layered over my mesh skirt from motel, and favourite bargain sweater from sports direct; always with sport socks & cats.
ronan x

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  1. LOVE your skirt <3

  2. that skirt is so rad! love an all black outfit

  3. This looks amazing! Love the outfit!