Friday, July 25, 2014

all the time you really wanted my man

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last week i went shopping with my friend neo and picked up these american apparel regular fit 100 jeans. they're basically just the men's version of the classic high waist women's jeans and i really liked the comfortable relaxed fit of them. i also grabbed this basic rib cotton top in the zara sale and cropped it down to the perfect length for these jeans, super comfy for a warm but grey day like today. plus my favourite palace socks & dr martens 1976 boots. 
ronan x

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  1. I love your high waisted jeans!
    You're beautiful.

  2. Love this outfit, especially the crop! <3

  3. This is gorgeous - so simple <3

  4. I adore this outfit! the top and jeans are both so good


  5. You have a great figure and wear clothes well.
    Breasts shapely and pert and not over large and a shapely rear