Wednesday, August 01, 2012

just give me some candy

hey guyyys, how're you? 
i'm goood, sort of starting to get into the olympics mood. i haven't watched much of it but i caught some of the gymnastics which was absolutely amazing. the strength that they have is just incredible. gymnastics, pole vault and synchronised diving and the three events which i really enjoy watching. really makes me want to stop being lazy and actually do some exercise. i don't remember if i mentioned, but i quit athletics a few months ago, i'd done triple jump for a few years and i just got really bored of it and hated the pressure of competition so decided to quit. but now i'm getting lazy and need to take something new up, if anyone knows how to salsa and wants to teach me i'd be very happy!
 canadian ice hockey jersey - ebay
belt and skirt - topshop
chelsea boots - dr martens 
 this is what i wore today on a little shopping trip to westfields with my friend which ended up us not finding what we were looking for, but we ventured into victoria secret to see what all the hype was about! we were a bit disappointed, it was very pink and the cheapest bra we saw was like 40 quid. i think not. hahaha. i was getting some quite strange looks in my canada shirt though, it's not like i'm team canada or anything i just woke up today and thought 'yep, it feels like an ice hockey shirt day today'. paired with my polka dot circle skirt to smarten it up a little as previously i've worn it as a dress. and with my chelsea boots because, well, i just love them.
anyway i'm off for tonight, really tired for some reason. this humid weather is taking it out of me haha! hope you all have a lovely week, and have enjoyed reading :) ronan xxx


  1. I really like the skirt and I think it's funny you got looks for wearing a Canada shirt, I would of been like "what's wrong with Canada"?

  2. your chelsea boots are adorbs!

  3. really cute look, i love the boots with that skirt!


  4. such a cute outfit!! i love this look!

  5. I love the outfit, the way you have paired the heavy jumper with the skirt is so cool. I think you should take up triple jump again, I'm sure you were amazing at it!

  6. I love that skirt so much, looks great on you!xx

  7. tres cool! such a lovely skirt!

    do you want to follow each other (on bloglovin' and gfc)? let me know.
    see you around!

  8. I really like this post and you blog <3
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  9. Your outfit is so cute! I love how you mixed a bit of oversized-ness on top with form fitting leggings and those amazing boots!

    xo Amy

  10. I'm getting super into the Olympics too at the moment, Dee (the other half of januarysublime is working there at the moment!) I'm just watching anything that comes on TV.
    Love the shirt with this baggy top!
    Cool style, we are new followers.
    JS xx

  11. I love your boots, they're so perfect! I tried salsa once, never again. Getting too old for that shiz xxx

  12. Those boots are so gorgeous i'm beyond jelous! That skirt is really cute on you too. Check out my outfit post from today if you get a sec! xx

  13. thanks for visiting my blog... love your pictures.. following you now..xoxo.

  14. love your chelsea boots! i really want to buy a brown pair, never thought at looking in doc martins.. x

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  15. Your skirt is so pretty :D ahh, I haven't seen any of the Olympics yet, kinda wish i'd seen the Gymnastics now though!!

  16. Yeah the humid weather is horrid isn't it! And love this oufit...I really want this jacket and them Chelsea boots are just love. I need them in my life! And so jealous you live near Westfields because I'm dying to Victoria's Secret's! They do have the best bras ever. Shame about the price tags though...

    Gemma x

  17. Lovely outfit, the skirt is so cute and those boots look so comfy.

  18. I love your style really unique
    new follower =)
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  19. Ahhh your style is so always so spot on, i am v.jel! Love the Canada jumper + thats so funny that you got stares at Westfield's...people are clearly feeling v.patriotic;) Hope you're having a fab summer lovely!! Xx

  20. You welcome!!
    I like so much your sweat :)

  21. I saw you in office i wasn't sure if i should say hi as you were so busy but you're so stunning! And live your dreads

  22. Gorgeous outfit lovely! Also just spotted you on Company's week in style, congrats!
    I was just wondering what e-mail address you sent your photos to for company as I sent mine to "" and it keep getting a message saying:
    "Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain"
    Strange! xx