Saturday, August 18, 2012

don't you know it's like a heatwave

 hey guyyyys!
how ya doing? :) seems like the mini heatwave's back in london which i thoroughly enjoyed today on a shopping trip with my sister janelle which was so lovely. she's started a new job 2 months ago and it's really demanding so we don't get to spend much time together any more so it was so nice that the sun came out for us! she treated me to a few lovely little bits, and i also picked up the last of the things i need for reading festival next week eeek! including some royal blue wellies which glow in the dark - hellyeahhh, hellyeahhh hellyeah ;) here's what i wore today.
 bodysuit - american apparel
belt - topshop
shorts - the not-so-square scarf company
vans classic slip on in black mono
i decided to whip out my not-so-scarf shorts today because i've been saving them for beautifully warm day to show them off. the not so scarf company is made up of my lovely little friend alice's sister rachel, and her friend who decided to start making shorts out of scarves because they wondered "why have everything in scarf print when you can have everything made out of scarves" and as soon as i saw their unique pieces i had to bag myself a pair, and they were a bargain at just a tenner!
so whenever the sun's out, brick lane always sprouts the coolest of kids, and so i had my camera handy when we passed through to snap up some summer style. and even though my camera broke and failed me (possibly my fault from when i dropped it a few weeks ago), janelle's phone camera worked quite well. 
i love all of these outfits, all so individual and so i had to snap them up to show you! :)
anyway, hope you've enjoyed reading today! i probably wont post until the week after next as i'm off to brighton on monday! :D then reading on wednesday. but i hope you have a lovely week and the weather stays nice for you all! thanks for reading, ronan xxx


  1. cute shorts xx

  2. Love the shorts!


  3. Your shorts look fab, cant believe they are made out of scarves! Have an amazing time at redding, so jealous.

  4. hey hot mama! love your shorts :) xx

  5. Love the street style snaps, I'm always too shy to ask anyone! xx

  6. Nice estyling! great blog! Like it!
    follow each other on GFC / Bloglovin? let me know in the comments... will be more than happy to follow you back!

  7. love your shorts. pretty outfit. Have fun at reading festival :)

    Lola x

  8. Love those shorts, such a unique print xx

  9. Ahaha, love this post :) Your shorts are reallyyy nice!

  10. Love the outfits!

    come by and join my Followers to Friends blog hop, great way to get some new followers!.

  11. Oh wow, I just went through your entire blog. You've got amazing style. The other day I liked your photo on WIWT and didn't even know it was you till I came across your blog today. :\ How coincidental haha.
    Follow each other via GFC? I have followed you. I'd be glad if you could return the favour
    Thank you. Oroma.

  12. They are the coolest shorts I have ever seen in my life. Just so amazing in every way. I adore the body suit. Anything backless gets my approval. I am pleased to hear you had some sunny weather.

  13. Love it! Love the print toooo amaze x

  14. Glad you had some quality time with ya sister! Loveee this outfit, the shorts are gorge xxx

  15. too sexy! ;) love the shorts, the print is amazing!

  16. Ilike the pattern on the shorts, there's always great street style in Brick lane.