Sunday, July 24, 2011

dominic livingston

hey everyone! how are you? :)
i just got home from a fun little ice skating trip with some friends which was nice because i hadn't been in aaages and i used to figure skate so it was nice being back on the ice. hope you're having a nice saturday evening too!
today i wanted to share with you a young designer who's name is dominic livingston, who i spotted on the train a few weeks ago because of his style. i got the chance to chat to dominic about his up and coming clothing line, and his take on fashion. hope you enjoy :) 

RM: so dominic, where did your interest in fashion come from?

DL: well....for me fashion came around when i was much younger. i wasn't into a lot of fashion until i used look up to my dad and how he dressed because of the industry he worked in. i was always curious about how i would end up dressing, so i would watch films, music videos etc.. to look at other peoples styles so i could create my own.

RM: is that what inspired you to want to create your own clothing line?

DL: this idea came to me one day when I came home from college, i was fed up of some clothing lines and their asking prices, but i guess i wasn't open minded about how fashion lines work. so i thought i would create my own clothing line with two of my friends who are designers. so we decided to create "dope boi Clothing"

RM: which brand would you compare your clothing line to?

DL: as were still early into the process of creating the clothing line i would always look at exclusive clothing lines like "stussy" and "supreme" as they are very simple with their genre of fashion and their styles, which i'm really into as i don't wear loud clothing.

RM: so who are the people you're starting the line with?

DL: i'm starting the clothing line up with two of my best friends who i have known for many years, we all have an eye for fashion so we thought we would go ahead with creating the line. we sat down and discussed what our aim would be, how we would be different and what type of designs would be effective on clothing.

RM: what is each person's role in the team? (eg. is one person doing the finance side and one the designing or do you all design etc.)

DL: my partners are the designers of the designs that we put on our clothing and i'm more of the business side, the background to the business. working with the marketing, setting ourselves objectives and thinking of the most effective ways of becoming successful but....still within our style.

RM: so dominic, do you think it's easier for women to find a bigger variety of styles of clothes than for men?

DL: personally for women are smart about how they want to dress and care for their appearance, so when it comes to shopping and finding what to wear they know what they want. men on the other hand can be the same but most men and younger guys watch what other people wear nowadays. they don't want to create their own style, instead they'd rather wear clothes that everyone else wears. i think they should wake up and do their own thing.

RM: that's a good way of thinking! what would you wear on a typical casual day?

DL: urmmm.......typical casual day? i would wear a fitted t-Shirt, chinos/jeans some vans and either a sweater or a hoodie. sounds boring i know..........oh and maybe a snapback, depending on how my hair looks haha.

RM:  who do you think the 3 best dressed people/celebrities are, and why?

DL: pharrell - to me is a trend setter to the modern vintage, fitted, skateboarder type of look. he was one of the first people i looked up to as fashion icon. But i look up to someone younger....

chris brown - is similar to pharrell as he looked up to him too, because of his music and fashion style. chris has a unique style which suits him and his personality, he isn't trying to be something his not. he doesn't care what other people think about his style or how he portrays himself. he knows he portrays himself in a postive way because its the reason he has fans.

lil' wayne - has one of the best unique styles around, he is different because of his style, his imagination and his music. i think he has a great sense of fashion for his age and his reputation.
RM: sounds good! i'm a massive pharrell fan and i agree his style is definitely iconic. so what made you want to work at g-shock?

DL: i didn't expect to work at g-shock, at first honestly i didn't know i'd applied for the job. When i got the call for a interview i still didn't know what job it was for. so i had an interview and had a trial the following day. it was great for me because it was my first ever job and i'd done so well for a trial. a week later i had the job. to me, i worked so hard for the job and i got it, i feel blessed and lucky to be where i'm in this job, it means a lot to me. i love my job.

RM: sounds pretty lucky! back to clothes though - if you wanted to buy a new pair of jeans, where would you look first?

DL: i would probably look at Levi's. but i get my jeans from asos because they have the fitted jeans that i like and it suits my style. 

RM: and the inevitable question - what do you think about the "low batti" trend?

DL: 'low batti' haha urm well this type of trend can be worn in a good way and in a bad way. for me, i wear my jeans just below my waist because i like my jeans or trousers to look trendy and not boring and straight. i think it can be cool but some people wear it in the wrong way. 

RM: i agree! so finally, which 5 items of clothing could you not live without and why?

DL: urmm....american apparrel hoodie, snapback, lv belt, vans 
and....jordans/gshock. haha i know that doesn't count but its hard for me! :(
as you can tell, dominic is a really stylish guy and i can't wait to see his clothing line and i'll keep you updated on that. also, just wanted to say a quick rest in peace to the 94 people who have fallen asleep in norway, along with amy winehouse, who will be missed sorely.  have a lovely weekend everyone and i'll speak to you all soon! :) ronan xxx 


  1. Wow! That's so awesome you got to meet Dominic! He sounds very smart and promising! Can't wait to hear more about him in the future!

    I've read about all of the terrible things that happened in Norway this weekend. So tragic. I'm glad you brought some light to it in your blog!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  2. What a fab post, really, really interesting. I thoroughly reading that! x

  3. He sounds really interesting. I like his celebrity style choices - I agree with all of them.

    What has happened this week is tragic =( R.I.P to all of them


  4. Cool interview hon! like these kind of posts!

  5. Wow, lucky you for bumping into him! The interview was great, can't wait to see his clothing line now! He seems really chatty and cool, I think I love him ;).

  6. wow i can't wait to see his clothing label! yes fresh new designers is what we need now great interview! does he have any sites yet!


  7. @wida yeah :)i'll keep you updated! and i know. it's terrible! thank you xxx

    @priestess thank you! xxx

    @tesh you and me both! rip xxx

    @marielleheart i'm glad you enjoyed it! xxx

    @mila thanks! xxx

    @danielle haha i'll keep you updated! yeah he's coool, haha he has facebook ;) xxx

    @monzie i'll definitely keep you posted! yeah :) not yet xxx

  8. awesome interview!!!