Tuesday, July 19, 2011

my first job interview

hey guys!
how are you? all well i do hope! i've been having a fun time back in london and spent this weekend cooking, shopping and enjoying the rain (hahaha). this is quite a picture heavy post so i wont talk too much. just to show you the oufit that i was wearing yesterday when i got scouted to work in abercrombie and fitch! woohooo! i was stunned haha, and i went to my casting this morning so i'll find out if i got the job within 2 weeks! so excited :D it went well i think so i hope they felt the same :).
here's what i wore:
skirt - lazy oaf
as you probably noticed, red and blue are 2 of my favourite colours to wear.
i love this outfit because it's casual and summery. i wore it with black tights and got caught in the rain yesterday but here without tights it's fab for summer!
the skirt is really figure hugging and i think it compliments the loose fitting shirt well.
i treated myself to this purse from accessorize on the way back from my interview today. i really needed one and for £17 it was a bit of a rip off but i really liked it and decided to treat myself :)
so apart going to abercrombie yesterday, keisha renĂ©e and i went to westfields where we tried on these gorgeous shoes and dresses. 
work it girlfriend ;)
dresses- £55 and mine £45. keisha wearing it here as a top.
when we were changing, we were all crammed into one changing room and keisha slapped renee and in an attempt to push keisha over, renee and keisha pulled the curtain down so there i was in my tights and bra and renee in a top and knickers, we'd broken the changing room and keisha had to try and put the curtain up alone while renee and i laughed our heads off in the corner while trying to rapidly get our clothes back on!
all shoes- new look. i was surprised i could even stand up in these heels, unfortunately i couldn't walk comfortably in them.. or at all haha. i could shuffle and that's about it :P
so guys, i hope you've enjoyed reading today's blog! and i'll let you know if i get that job at abercrombie! :D ronan xxx


  1. Abercrombie would be amazing to work it at, I hope you get the job, it sounds perfect! I love the outfit, the shirt is gorgeous, and I love the white circles on the skirt, it looks very different and i like it :) That curtain story sounds hilarious, I think I would also just cry with laughter, ha! x


  2. I hope you get the job! I got scouted at Hollister, but then they realized that I was under 17 and didn't give me the job :( but now i work at the pool (:

    And thank you so much for following <3 I'm glad you found my blog! <33

  3. you look lovely, that skirt is so cute! fingers crossed you get the job, i bet it would be ace to work there xx

  4. That skirt looks really great with the looser top, love the plaid!! Sounds like a really great weekend

  5. congrats on being scouted. i got scouted to work at hollister but didn't get it :(

    but i'm sure you will! x

  6. AWW babe!! I'm so happy to hear about your interview. I pray you get it, you would fit in there. You look like a real model. xx

  7. Congrats Ronan! Good luck on the job. You girls are too funny, I would have peed my pants if that happened to me in the dressing room. Lol.


  8. Wow, that red skirt looks amazingly awesome!

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  9. Well done on your interview. Hope you get it.

    You look lovely btw.


  10. oved the look so cute , and good luck i hope you get the job :) xoxo

  11. I hope you get the job, I can definitely picture you working there. :)

    I have that exact same Mickey skirt you are wearing, and funnily enough was contemplating wearing it soon!!

    Love your style.

    The Cat Hag

  12. Hey there, love the outfit! Your beautiful I love the dreads, and good luck with A&F I used to work at the one here in the mall of america, it was cool while it lasted lots of cool people! Anywho, good luck! New follower btw!

  13. RONAN! You're beautiful! I love your figure, face and hair. You seem so friendly! Just had to say this ;)
    By the way, I loooove your skirt!

    Thank you for the lovely comment, dear!



  14. very nice blog!


  15. Lovely blog!

    want to follow each other?x


  16. @campervan thank you so much! me too! thanks, hahah i almost was! xxx

    @loretta thank you! aww :/ ah well the pool sounds good :) me too! xxx

    @caroline thank you! :D i hope so too! xxx

    @jenna thank you! yeah:)xxx

    @elizabeth thank you! :D aww never mind xxx

    @sia aww thank you so so much! i'll pray too :D xxx

    @sophia thank you! hahah i was so close literally! xxx

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    @tesh thank you so much, mee too :)xxx

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    @charmel thanks! i'll check yours out :)xxx

  17. you are gorgeous girls love your looks ;)

  18. Lovely outfit! The shirt is really pretty and I really hope you'll get the job!!:)

    Farah from FashionFabrice

  19. love the outfit, pretty skirt :) hope you get the job - lola x

  20. LOVE that red skirt on you! Your legs are endless!! Following you now!

    XO, Liza
    fashion over groceries

  21. Hope you'll get the job! love the blouse and you've got a stunning figure!

  22. @manaa thank you! xxx

    @fabrice thanks so much:)Xxx

    @southeners thanks so much lovely! xxx

    @liza thank you haha! :) hope you enjoy future posts xxx

    @marielle thanks so much marielle! xxxx