Monday, July 25, 2011

grande petite soeur

aujourd'hui j'ai realisé que je ne serai jamais avoir une métier de francais! hello! today i realised that i would never have another french lesson... it's hit me today (i'm a bit late i know) but i'm cutting out so many lessons that i've been taking for the last 5 years! i feel like i'm growing up haha. ahh, although today i spent the day slobbing it up with siobhan excluding a little trip down the market to buy fabric and nail polish. 
i wore something standard, but i noticed that my sister janelle (who was going out to meet some friends) looked particularly nice and so i dragged her into the garden to take some photos, although she was in a rush so i didn't get many. 
minidress - hollister
tights - unknown as of yet
trainers - converse
necklace - present from mum and earrings - not sure :P
janelle never overloads with jewellery but she wears simple silver pieces that add a bit of bling to her outfits.
i love this outfit on janelle because it's casual but cool and it really sums up her playful personality :)
me and my little big sis :)
piana decided to take a backseat during janelle's photoshoot (i'm clearly her favourite). but she happily sat and posed for this photo :P
nail polishes - barry m (blueberry and pink flamingo). 
i've seen this one finger different colour trend around so i decided to try it out but with different colours on each hand and i think it works well.
so i hope you're all having a great start to the week! and i'll speak to you all soon! :) ronan xxx


  1. can i just say i love your blog!!
    now following :)
    you remind of myself kinda lol dnt take it the wrong way but you just do
    lol anyway at the risk of sounding pervy i'll stop

  2. Being fluent in French is a dream of mine! I loved High School French! Had the best teacher EVER.

    These photos are super cute! Amazing tights. My sister loves the nail trend as well! Looks snazzy.

  3. I'm fluent in french, but I don't use it much :)
    Your sisters figure is to die for! I have that top.

  4. i love your sisters dress, i didn't know Hollister did mini dresses, so i'll definitely be checking them out!
    XOXO Becca

  5. you look amazing...i love the dress :) and the cat is so cute :))

  6. lovely dress! I love hollister. I used to have this trousers I bought in New York. We dont have it in Spain though! :( following you from now on. Such a beautiful blog!

  7. Helloooo beautiful! Your sister looks as nice as you do! You two are gorgeous!
    Thank you for your lovely comment, dear!


  8. I'm wearing pink flamingo right now lol and I love doing the random polish on one nail thing!

  9. @leonie sure xxx

    @aby thanks so much! haha okay xxx

    @sia so cute :Pxxx

    @lexy aww haha mine was okay! thanks:)xxx

    @grace thanks! xxx

    @dollface aww well its good to be fluent! :)xxx

    @becca it's just a long top :Pxxx

    @andrea it's my sister :) xxx

    @daniel aww :/ thank you! xxx

    @rowan thank you lovely :)Xxx

    @anna haha yeah it's fun! xxx

    @style point thanks:)Xxx

    @isaelle thank you! xxx

  10. hehe how cute you ad your sister are :-) I will try that nail trend but with darker colors haha.


    Fashion Nostalgia


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  13. You so pretty girl. You look delish in this, amazing figure.

    Helen, X

  14. @jerrica thank you! hah cool xxx

    @mary thanks so much! i'll reply on your blog :)Xxx

    @fabrizia awww thank you! haha i'll check it out:) xxx

    @helen it's my sis :) xxx

  15. fabulous!!

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