Monday, March 11, 2013

you told me take it easy, you told me slow it down

hey guyss!
how're you doing? i'm good! been a little while since my last post which created so much kerfuffle on instagram. i tagged blackmilk in one of the photos of myself in their call of napoleon leggings, and they reposted it on their instagram which was super exciting! however some trolls started hating on me, it was so nice to see that a load of people jumped in to stand up for me, but i never really experienced before how unnecessarily cruel people could be to strangers! last week, i went to see man like me who are one of my favourite bands and we got into the front row ahhhh, it was absolutely amazing. their new album 'pillow talk' came out last week so you should check it out :) ah and i hope everyone who had january exams were pleased with your results! i didn't get mine for sociology because aqa mucked up some of the results for my college so i'm still waiting to find out what i got, fingers crossed it's okay!
anyway, here's what i wore today.
 photo 2013-03-11143601_zps8518177a.jpg
 photo 2013-03-11143642_zps4513f44c.jpg
 photo 2013-03-11143751_zpsef4092af.jpg
beanie - diamond dozen
turtleneck, skirt & belt - american apparel
sweater - parade clothing
jacket - asos
socks - slazenger
boots - office
backpack - vans
 photo 2013-03-11143745_zps1e3f824e.jpg
i bought this sweater a little while ago and i adore the print! it's a small but it's quite a small small haha, so i paired it with a black turtleneck since it is freezing, and i wanted to layer it a little. a plain black circle skirt is a necessity for all wardrobes because they look great with anything in any weather, and this corduroy one is my favourite. i love the texture and the cut contrasts my slim fitting cloud sweater, which is accentuated by my classic black leather belt. added to my slazenger socks - which were 50p - my diamond dozen beanie, and office chunky boots because they're my favourites. my jackson pollock inspired vans backpack has been sterdy since i was 15 and i still love it just as much as i did then haha. 
ooh diamond dozen's got 2 new coloured hats out so check those out too and get 20% off with the code on the banner! i hope you're all having a lovely week! take care, ronan x

instagram: ronanksm


  1. Aww hugs girly :( So sorry people were being mean to you! I saw that picture on my facebook feed and i thought you looked beautiful! :D Btw that skirt is perfect on you! <3

    XOXO Sade

  2. Love that sweater! Jealous people you don't need to worry about , you looked the bomb I'm those leggings xx

  3. That jumper is amazzingggg! You look great:)
    Sorry about people being mean, ignore them; its mere jealousy:)) xx

  4. Love that bright sweater! It is so freezing today! xx

  5. awesome look!!! u look so petite love it!!

    New site here

  6. Love the sweater, perfect colour on you xx

  7. Your style really is amazing, I love how you always look so cool! That shirt is amazing and so is the coat!

    A little bit Unique


  8. SOO CUTE! I want your sweater <3

  9. Eurghhhh ignore the haterzzz. So ridiculous! Hope your exam results get sorted soon as well. On a brighter note you're looking fab as always, this shade of blue really suits you xxx

  10. wow i love your style...and my god i want your legs!


  11. Love the top, it is the best colour. The skirt is such a gorgeous shape too.

  12. Wow! Amazing outfit! you look stunning
    kisses from

  13. I love your style!! :)
    Your outfit is amazing and I really like the vibrant colors + patterns in your top.
    Thanks for the sweet comment! Would you like to follow each other?

  14. people sometimes tend to think that if there's a screen separating them they can be as hateful as they want, that's pretty lame if you ask me. hope it didn't shake you too much and ruin a good thing but anyways i love the skirt and you've got some killer legs girl!