Thursday, February 21, 2013

can i turn you out here, can i turn you on

hey guyyyys!
how're you doing? :) i'm gooood! 
did you all enjoy fashion week? i was so jealous of all of you who got to go, although youtube has filled me in on the whole thing haha. i've just been enjoying my week off college by doing literally no work, and spending too much time having breakfast in bed. although i have been doing pilates every morning and i even went for a mile run this morning, crazy i know! haha, i was completely dead when i came back though, panting outside my house. need to start going more often because it feel soo good and i do miss athletics a little bit. anyway, today i just did some artwork, and i'm off out later with some friends so here's what i wore/am wearing.
 photo 2013-02-21162442_zpsd804d5f1.jpg
 photo 2013-02-21162457_zpsca356bd7.jpg
 photo 2013-02-21162553_zps804b511d.jpg
leggings - blackmilk 
turtleneck & scrunchie - american apparel
sweater - slazenger @ sports direct
timberlands - handmedowns from a friend
 photo 2013-02-21162612_zps9de743a1.jpg
eeeeeek! i'm so excited to show you my new blackmilk call of napoleon leggings! i ordered them a few weeks back since i've wanted some blackmilk for ages but the price tag put me off, but i got a nice hefty 5 week paycheck after christmas and decided to go for it and i am so impressed. you can feel the quality in the material and the print on them is amazing. paired with a turtleneck (a necessity for this weather) and my oversized slazenger jumper which i cleverly tucked and belted under so it looks cropped - because i wanted to show off the whole of the leggings, and to make a sweater and leggings be suitable for a night out haha. also with my timberlands because it just felt right haha. i love i've managed to combine my favourite baggy+tight combo, into an outfit which is wearable day and night, also suitable for the cold weather!
this is also the first time i've ever had my hair up on my blog, i always have it up and home but hardly ever go out with my hair up. but i decided continue living on the very edge haha, and i tested out this up-do when i went out at the weekend and i really liked the change. especially with this aqua scrunchie that i got.
anyway that's all from me tonight! hope you're having a lovely week, ronan x

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  1. Amazing outfit , love those leggings xx

  2. Love the print on the leggings. and your hair always looks really cool!

    Lola x

  3. Love this outfit so much, I really want a pair of blackmilk leggings so badly, they look amazing on you!

    Pip x

  4. Love your outfit those leggings are amazing! xx

  5. quite envious of those leggings, they are amazing! Love your hair up too, it's so long. You look great <3 x

    A Blog by Oroma Roxella Rukevwe

  6. what a cool print, they look worth saving up for!xx

  7. Loveeeee your leggings, are they eagles on them? I've been exercising loads recently too, I honestly don't feel healthier I think it's actually killing me xxx

  8. Love the leggings, you look incredible!

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  9. i adore your leggings
    blackmilk ROCKS

  10. gorgeous.... you are so pretty and have such cool/unique fashion sense! I love it!


  11. Cool comfy look ! <3

    xoxo from japan

  12. Love your timberlands :) looking super cool xx