Friday, December 24, 2010

my first post

hallo :) so i'm ronan. first a little bit about me :) i prefer not to use capital letters because i think that they break up a sentence. example, "i live in London". puts a little barrier in between the 'n' and 'o' and what if they're friends?! they wont be able to talk with ease any more! have to climb up the L like it's the great wall of china! what's the point? :P oh also i hope you like my fish -> :) my real fish died 4 days ago due to malnutrition :( but what can i say? they're harder than they look to look after! the endless, tedious cleaning and washing and feeding and yaadayaaddaayadaaa. too much for me!
         i'm studying for my GCSE's at the minute and in september when i start college i'll be studying english language, sociology, art, and photography which i'm really excited about! after that i want to go to the london college of fashion to study "costume for performance" or "make up and prosthetics" which is reeallly interesting :) i alse love clothes, shoes, hats and fashion! i have 30 hats, some caps (i love new era) but mostly a big collection of berret and beanie hats :)  i have about 20 pairs of shoes/trainers at the minute and i keep them squeaky clean :P i would loveeeee this pair of shoes - 
they're christian louboutin's and they're absolutely stunninngggg! and they're made for slim feet which is excellent :D just gotta find myself £400 .. great O.o. but hopefully i'll be getting a job soon! hopefully at the personal shopper section of topshop because that sort of ties in with costume design as you have to see what someone will be doing and dress them accordingly:)  my favourite shops are, schuh, office ofc, urban outfitters, topshop, jack wills, aubin and wills and american apparel :) only problem is they zap away any money i have which makes it veryyy hard for me to save money! so currently i have about 26p.. at least i can buy a happy hippo :D
       right now i'm sitting on one of the big white leather sofas in my living room. my brother marcel's fallen asleep on the other one, snoring while i'm trying to watch peep show with my one of my lovely sisters siobhan. this peep show is "peep show and tell" which is basically behind the scenes. bit of a disappointment actually. not a disappointing show it's just.. i'd sort of hoped that peep show was real. it's like watching behind the scenes of shrek isn't it! nobody wants to see that it's actually a little geeky guy with bottle thick glasses telling shrek what to do with a computer mouth. NO. no.. it's shrek. who's from far far away. that's all we need to know! :)
        anyway it's christmas tomorrow! excited about what i'll get of course and since all my siblings (17, 19, 21) are all growing up - my sisters have moved out and marcel's off to the royal college of music in september - best make the most of it them being around... which is how i wish i feel when janelle - 19 year old sister - was messing up my room 8-) i joke i joke :P that's all for today :) ronan xxx


  1. LOL hahaha funniest blog ive read all year! Add pics? XXX

  2. Woohoo! I'll def add more when I do todays post. So glad you like it von!:) xxx