Thursday, December 30, 2010


hello :) so todays thursday, as you know :P, and i had another lovely relaxing day at home except to go to athletics. i was struggling to think of something to write about today since apart from play shrek on xbox, cremating some sausages and drinking fancified pink lemonade, i didn't really do much. so i decided that to entertain you, i'll copy my lovely friend bergue, and do a quiz.
so firstly i googled "fashion quizzes" and came up with some spectacularly un-fashion-y type quizzes, so i scrolled down to find this website. 
for starters, the "fashion quizzes" start with a quiz called "am i ugly" which i think is a problem! what is you are ugly? this quiz isn't going to make you feel any better really is it? and if it says "by joe you're a stunner" then it's just lying and that's not gonna help the poor person :P :(

anyway, i decided to carry on with the website and do a quiz and i picked, "how well groomed are you?" quiz. which looked like the safest option that wouldn't end in tears. 
but when i got the the actual quiz i was rudely surprised by these obtrusive questions! :(
1. when you go out somewhere, your hair are (grammatical error there) a. well styled and tied up. or b. messy, at best. so i picked b because it's most truthful. i don't style my hair or tie it up much so to click that would be a lie.
2.are your clothes washed and ironed always? a. yes absolutely, b. not always. well my clothes aren't always ironed! so my only option is to say no :/
3. are your hands and legs smooth and shiny? a.yup, b.not always. welllllll my hands :s. this is implying that i shave my hands which i most certainly don't! and i mean, like any other girl my legs aren't always shiny and smooth! what's the point if i'm gonna sit at home and watch tv all day? even if i do see friends then they don't care so this one had to be a not always for me.
and as you can see.. it went on like this, and you can clearly see why i chose the answered i did because i don't floss. although i brush my teeth every day.. (promise :P) i don't floss so i can't lie and say yes because i don't fill the exact criteria!
and my result was......
oh no you di'ent! i must try to be better groomed?! you.. are telling me to be better groomed even though you were drawn on paint? i don't think so :P
the problem i have with this is that if i was sad enough to believe this then i would be crying my little eyes out here! i think i create a good impressed around people thank you very much!
then the biggest insult about this is that i have a choice to share on facebook! why on earth would i want to share on facebook! to tell all my friends that i need to be well groomed? i don't want them getting ideas into their heads!
anyway, i think that's proved to us both that online quizzes are crappy, and has amused you somewhat at least :) tomorrow's post will be more interesting i promise :P bye for now! ronan xxx

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