Friday, December 31, 2010


good evening! so 2011's finally here :)
so as you do on the last day of a year, i was thinking about my new years' resolutions and i was really thinking about what i want from 2011 :) i don't usually make new years' resolutions because come on, nobody ever keeps them! and anyway most people's new years' resolutions aren't really resolutions, they're challenges they set for themselves. for example: to do well in my gcse's isn't a resolution, it's a challenge because you're not really resolving anything. (thank you :P) 
but anyway, i thought i'd join in with this little trend and think up some resolutions i'd like to make for myself and here they are :
- to try and make the most out of every day
-to try not take anyone or anything for granted
-to try and be a bit more adventurous with foods and maybe even try sushi
- to try and work a little harder in school to get the best grades that i can
- to write a cv good enough to get a summer job
- to try and get a look on lookbook that gets 100 hypes.
and finally to try to keep this blog going for the whole of 2011. 

as you've probably noticed, all of my resolutions are to try and do something.. and you might be thinking that if you want to do something to just do it! but the way i see it, as long as i've had a good go at it and i've put my all into it then that's the best that i can do so i should be happy with it :) the one to put a look on lookbook that gets 100 hypes. that means that 100 people have liked the look. i haven't really been bothered with my lookbook and have just uploaded random photos but i really want to try and get one :) also my first resolution to try and make the most out of everyday, is because everyone has those rubbishy days where they just graze all day, don't do any work and don't do one productive thing, and my resolution isn't to say that i wont have any. but the resolution is that after it, i feel like i've had a nice relaxing day other than done nothing :)

i googled the most popular new years' resolutions, to try and find out what majority of people want. and i was less than suprised to find that on this particular website ( 1177 people have made the resolution to lose weight. 602 people want to fall in love which i think is quite sweet. and i really like that 558 people want to read more! i actually finished a view from the bridge on wednesday and i'd really like to discuss it with someone else who's read it :) anyway back to the new year.

i'd also like the reminisce on some of my best memories of 2010 all of which include enjoying the year with the best friends and family i could dream of!
- thinking about the day when i stayed up to wait for a spectacular friend's grandma to call
-laughing at a lady near taunton station who had "SEX" tattooed on the back of her neck 
- many fantastic dinners cooked by mother mckenzie
- getting numerous amounts of days off timetable to do stuff related to my fantastic trip to ghana in february
- discovering lee evans which provided millions of laughs
and there are so so many more that i can't list!

i don't know what you'll be doing when the clock strikes 12 tonight. but i'll be sitting here in the living room, watching the fireworks on bbc with my loved ones, (excluding janelle who's back at uni :'( ) which is sort of tradition. which is what we do every year and i love it :) drink a tiny bit of champagne before i don't like the taste and marcel and my dad halfies it and drink to the new year :) 

so that's it from me for 2010. and i wish you the very very best for 2011 :) ronan xxxx

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