Thursday, September 15, 2011

first week of college : day four

hey guys!
how ya doooing? :) i'm doing good! except my shoulder's killing me from carrying my books :( my day's been good, had 3 frees so did some extra art and just hung out at college since i had to go in for tutor time which was a bit annoying. but ah well :) just a quick post from my today as i'm supposed to be ready for athletics haha! just going to quickly show you my outfit for today.
 hat - h&m
 piana :)
 jumper - topshop
 scarf - can't remember! it belongs to someone else in my family :P
 bodycon dress - h&m
 tights - h&m
so i got a really shock phonecall today! abercrombie & fitch offered me a job! haha :P after all this time, but obviously i declined it because i'm really happy with my job at office! although it's so nice to be offered it, i said sorry but no thank you and the lady at abercrombie said that if i ever change my mind just come back which was nice :) anyway i've gotta run (literally!) :P speak soon! xxx


  1. oh my goodness, I would trade you my house for this jumper, haha :D this back detail is just divine! ♥ I love your hat too, and this color combination is perfect, you look amazing! ✿

  2. Really nice outfit
    the detail at the back of the jumper gives it a very pretty edge

  3. glad school's going well. that's a sweet sailor top lady. congrats on the job offer even if your not taking it...def rocks to get offered a job~

  4. You look great in this outfit. Very stylish.
    Love your pictures too.

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  6. You didn't show us what's on your feet! Cute cat ^-^"
    N x