Sunday, September 18, 2011

lazy sunday, i think not!

hey guys!
how are you?:) sorry i haven't been commenting much on all your blogs, i have been reading them but i've been so busy with work and college that i haven't had much time at home! :) work was crazy on saturday, and office took almost £30,000 in just 11 hours! :P it was so busy today as well and i thought sunday would be calmer! college has been really good too, even though i'm a bit angry with my art teacher for drawing over some of my work :/. anyway, today i just wanted to show you the outfit siobhan wore today to see a couple friends that i really loved :) she wore it with her new black leather jacket but i didn't get any photos of it sorry! :( i took these on my phone so they may be a little blurry!
 bold in black
 belt - stolen from me - primark
 dress - siobhan mckenzie
 wedges - river island
 necklace - stolen from siobhan's boyfriend
 leggings - h&m
 this dress is from siobhan's new collection - coming soon
 ruched halter neck top
i'm catching up on tonight's x factor now! what did you all think of the auditions? :) they've been good i think, although i don't understand the standard because they let some abominable people through but then don't let some good people through! anyway it's beyond me :P hope you have a great week! ronan xxx


  1. That's a gorgeous dress! Can't wait for next weeks X-factor.. love the boot camp bit!!

    The Deer Head


  2. im in love with you dress! Like the way you wearing it!

  3. I love your sister's look C: ; she looks great! and the dress is lovely.

  4. lovely dress and I like the hair

  5. Siobhan's dress is so cute, I can't wait to see the collection!
    Strut Mode

  6. It's a really nice outfit. This dress is so lovely.

  7. Lovely shoes(: love the contrasting colour of the wedge x

  8. She looks lovely; it really suits her!

    Glad you're well! Why did your teacher draw on your work?! Hope it's salvageable x