Wednesday, September 14, 2011

first week of college : day three

hey everyone!
hope you're all well :) sorry i'm posting so late today, had college and then hung out all evening with family. college was good, i'm really enjoying it because the people are lovely and my classes are good :) the only thing i'm finding tricky is theatre studies because although i really enjoy learning about theatre and that, i can't act... so i'm going to have to try really hard :P however today i want to show you what i wore to college, it was quite chilly but warmed up as the day went on and turned out to be quite nice. 
sorry for the lack of decent photos, i had just done my nails and didn't want to ruin them opening up my tripod :P
 cardigan - borrowed from siobhan - jack wills
 snood - present from ruby - accessorize
skirt - h&m - customised (waist taken in and made high waisted by siobhan)
 nail polish - light blue & navy - barry m
plain pocketed top - h&m
so that's what i wore today :) ooh also, i had my first shift yesterday in westfields in stratford which was awesome! :D it was so packed and busy although i didn't manage to look around much as i was working. i really enjoyed work though, it's quite rewarding when someone buys something but i was in the women's pump type section where lots of people try on but don't buy (and i also miss out on the fit guys buying trainers - gutted :P) so i'm going to try and move more to the front of the shop/sports section where womens boots/heels and all sports are. lastly! i bumped into sia from whilst i was working! i recognised her but i couldn't manage to place her but she knew who i was and we had a nice little natter, it was so lovely to meet another blogger in the flesh! i think i'm definitely going to try and organise some form of london blogger meet up!:) anyway, i'm off to sleep now, have a lovely rest of week! :) ronan xxx


  1. I really am feeling your scarf specifically in that lovely color wish you the best of luck in college

  2. Cute pics! I like all the angles you used hehe. How fun that you ran into another blogger! I would be so excited if that happened to me.

  3. Lovely pics.
    Really love your outfit, such great colors.
    Nice nail.

  4. Such a cute skirt :) Hope college is going awesome for you!

    The Deer Head