Tuesday, September 13, 2011

first week of college : day two

hey guys, hope you're well!
my second day of college was good, well i say day but i mean half day. i finished at 1ish today which was good! i have to do general studies but my teacher is hilarious, and gives out 10p prizes if you get a question right :P i'm just hanging out, catching up on blogs and watching neighbours right now although i'm off to work for 5 30. the openninnnngggg of westfields! my mum tells me it's jam packed which will be exciting to work during, i'm working a few other days this week too which should be good:) i can't wait to see what westfields is like all finished since the last time i saw it there were still builders everywhere. anyway, i'm just gonna show you what i wore to college today, i hope you like it :)
 cardigan and shirt - h&m
 skirt - urban outfitters
 bag - nike
 nail polish - barry m
 it was a little cold this morning when i left my house so i decided to wear a cardigan,
 i really like it but the only thing is that the arms and torso are a bit short considering i bought 2 sizes up so it would be loose but ah well, it's a nice colour :)
i looove this bag! you know that blue is one of my favourite colours and blue + blue is just perfect :P it's really roomy, although it hits my leg when i walk which is a tiny bit annoying.
so i'll let you know tomorrow what westfields is like and more, what working there is like! i'm gonna war my new flossys today so hopefully they're comfy while i'm at work :) oh also! majority of my readers are females, and so i assume you all know who lucien laviscount is? he was on celebrity big brother and i don't know any girl who doesn't find him highly attractive :P anywayyy, him and kerry katona are now "in love" :o i was horrified! google it unless you have a weak stomach haha :P have a great rest of week, speak soon:) ronan xxx


  1. Love the colour of the cardigan, shame it's a bit small though ! Ooh you're working at the new Westfield then? Exciting. I loved the little film they did for it :) xo

  2. love this outfit! the top suits the cardigan so well, and the skirt fits you so nicely. just found your lovely blog! good luck at college.
    <3 mode.

  3. Glad your enjoying college so far the part about 10p prizes did make me laugh :)

  4. Your so lucky to work at the new westfields! I'm planning to go there this weekend for fall shopping!



  5. Love the colour of your cardigan(: Haha getting sweets was the best thing about general studies! x

  6. I love your shirt so much!
    This outfit is just amazing :)
    Oh, the vaccine hurts a little but nothing that I can't handle :)

    xx, TatiannaMaria

  7. glad that you are enjoying college!! that skirt looks wonderful on you! cute outfit!

  8. Love the colors, it's a perfect mix.
    I really like this outfit.
    Great cardigan. x

  9. I love your cardigan!! it's so cute!!:)


  10. Nice outfit!
    wouldve liked to see it without the cardigan though
    im a new follower, please check out my blog :)


  11. Cool outfit. You look very cute.


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  13. lovely post hun....btw I voted your blog for an award; please check my page for more details. xxxAfeeyahxxx

  14. I love this post and how you always pair your colors so beautifully! and did i ever tell you that I completely adore your hair? so amazing ♥