Sunday, September 25, 2011

navy and red

hey everyone!
how're you doing? :) i'm good, this has been a busy week for me though. monday is the only evening i have in to myself, tuesdays and thursdays i have athletics then every other day i've got work although i do finish early on a sunday :) it's all good though, it feels good to earn my own money, i mean no-one really enjoys scrounging off their parents do they? ah maybe they do :) work's going well, although i hate rude customers...and rude people in general. this lady had a go at me today because we don't stock size 9 pumps like it's my fault and some guy clicked his fingers to get attention from another sales assistant! 
anyway, today i'm just going to show you what i wore to college on friday but didn't have time to post it, blue and red are two of my favourite colours and together they're even better :)
nail polish - barry m mint 
i need to stop pulling this face :P
cardigan - urban outfitters 
socks - river island

 polo - hollister
 i wore this with my black schuh brogues as seen here
 my cardigan's a sort of woolen material, cotton knit maybe? anyway, i love it and i love the navy arms obviously. it's really warm and cosy!
 i need more oversized cardigans..although i can't be paying £30-£60 for them! my friend megan has some gorgeous ones from primark so i think i'll look there and also some vintage shops :)
 skirt - american apparel
 you may have seen this skirt on me before, i do indeed have it in red also. but i love american apparel and i love this skirt, it's so light and soft :)
bloomers - american apparel
so i hope you like this outfit! we had some sun this week and in fact today was quite nice too :) i'm hoping the weather stays nice and dry for a bit longer although i hear next month we're expecting snow! eeek! i'll have to invest in some wellies :) so guys, have a lovely evening and great week! hope you've enjoyed today's post :) ronan xxx


  1. lovely outfit, its all about the cardigan! :)

  2. totally digging the skirt and knee high sock!

  3. high knee socks!! yei!! you pull it off, you look great girl!

  4. The colors are so pretty.
    It's a really nice outfit. Great style.

  5. Ooo, that outfit looks incredibly comfortable!

    And yeah, I despise rude customers!! I used to work in a shoe department and I would have customers who make me bring out over 6 pairs of shoes for them to buy nothing! Irritating! Haha.

    Missing Amsie Blog

  6. U look Super adorable.I'm a sucker for knee highs. Love it.

  7. You are a very pretty young lady! Keep up the good work.

  8. Those bloomers are to die for! Love them. You look adorable as usual this preppy look is so cute!

  9. LOVE your cardigan!! :) And yes do check out primark they have some lovely knitwear in at the moment.
    And I know what you mean about the dress, I'm too tall for mine aswell! And as for my riding pants I have two posts with them at the moment:
    And also
    I love the disco pants as well but I think I'd prefer the shorts myself :)


  10. What a cute blog, <3
    love it!

  11. looks fab with the socks:D

  12. Love this outfit! :)))


  13. super cute outfit and love your nails! sorry to hear about the rude customers

  14. really, really really love this outfit!! so cool and that cardigan is gorgeous :)

  15. love the colour of the nail polish and that cardigan :) nice outfit. xx

  16. gorgeous outfit! need every single item! especially the cardigan. the knee high socks look SWELL!..wish i could pull those off! just a fab look really! xxx

  17. Ugh, customers can be such knobs! Sounds like you've got a good work ethic though - you'll be just fine :)

    Cute outfit!