Tuesday, September 20, 2011

riding pants

hey everyone!
how are you? :) i'm gooood! finished early today, although college was good :) really enjoying it! i don't think i've been fully immersed into the workload yet though because i'm getting all my work done fine, i'm hoping it stays that way :P marcel (the brocycle) has started at the royal college of music which he's enjoying although it doesn't seem long ago that we were in primary school and i'd go to his class to ask him to put my earrings in for me.i'm going to be 17 in under 2 months! ahh, anyway haha before i get carried away, today i wanted to show you what i wore to college today :) i know it's not college outfit week but it's obviously what i'm going to be wearing to college more because it's where i now spend a good part of 5/7 days a week. 
picture heavy post! - i was quite excited about my new riding pants.
cardigan - nicked from siobhan - jack wills - as seen here in a previous post
riding pants - american apparel
 i don't think siobhan'll be getting this cardigan back :P
shirt - blitz
 the most comfortable undercrackers that don't give you a blatent visible pantie line - gilly hicks
 so these are my riding pants! :D
they have a double button and zip fastening.
you've probably heard me going on and on about them for as long as i can remember, i've wanted a pair for so long because i love the fit and cut and they're so so comfortable and then my mumma bought me a pair when we went college shopping and i was ecstatic! :D
they're quite expensive at £64 but the fabric is such good quality and i can't see what they wouldn't go with.
(piana's copying me in this picture :P) 
  when some funds roll in to my bank account i'll be buying them in navy and grey also :) i'm 5'10 and wearing a size extra small - they go up to an extra large. 
 nail polish - yves saint laurent red, barry m pink flamingo and nails ink hot pink. all with a rio nails while line down the middle.
 i love this pose :P 
 shoes - schuh mel brogue. this is my third or fourth pair since 2010 but i keep buying the same shoes for school/college because they're so comfortable and i love the brogue detail on them.
and lastly - my favourite photo :)
so what do you think? :) and what're you all upto for the rest of the week? i've got about 8 magazines to get through and i want to pick a few more photos out for my inspiration wall. reading blogs and i've also got athletics tonight :) who watches britain and ireland's next top model or made in chelsea? jade has got to win bintm! she's been the best from the beginning and eustay is simply a beautiful ostrich :P haha, and made in chelsea! when did spencer get hot?! :P i always find made in chelsea so akward though, their conversations are so cringey and i can see this victoria character becoming quite the little bitch! anyway haha, before i get too into it :P i hope you have a great week:) ronan xxx


  1. Love the riding pants, you got the figure for them too!

    The Deer Head


  2. You look so amazing in those ridings pants! I'm glad college is going well too! :)


  3. love the riding pants, they look great :)


  4. love those riding pants! you look unfairly good in them! they're so hard to pull off but you do (how teeny is your waist also!)

    and as for made in chelsea..JKSBNGFSJKLFNLAKSF SPENCER IS SUDDENLY SO HOT! And yeah Victoria is just going to mess everything up..haahah
    Bex X


  5. I die for your long legs in those pants! You look super sexy. Its was soooooooo nice meeting you last week. I plan on putting the picture up soon. XOXO

  6. love the riding pants! you have an awesome figure btw!

  7. O_O!

    You and I need to seriously go shopping together one day! I have been obsessed with these kind of pants! I hope they still sell them! I want it sooooo bad! I've always been in the chic equestrian look. So jealous. 8 magazines are a lot to go through! I hope you find something inspiring :3

    Missing Amsie Blog

  8. those pants are great, they look comfy and loving your dreads. great to see u still going strong :)


  9. They look great on you! I have a pair so I can understand your excitement! :)


  10. They look awesome, glad you finally got them!

  11. I love the riding pants. I really want a pair but I've already got the AA disco pants which are really similar.

  12. Ohhh, your blog = CHIC!
    Wonderful post!!


  13. love the pants they look amazing on you and love your jack wills cardi too! i still need to get round to buying myself a jack wills hoody!

    thanks for the comment on my blog,

  14. Love the pants mad cute :) congrats on winning my giveaway.

  15. those are great pants!
    they fit u so well, u have a great figure!!
    BreezeyBee Blog

  16. Amazing outfit!! those riding pants are really something else!! you look great:)


  17. You look so amazing! Those pants are to die for!

  18. love your outfit! and your brogues :)
    please enter my giveaway if you have time away from college work! haha


  19. So jealous of your blog - you have amazing fashion sense!



  20. Those riding pants are amazing, you look fantastic! Your legs are super long (not in a negative way BTW), how tall are you? :)

  21. This is an impeccable look. Love your cardigan, the colors is great.
    Nice outfit as always. x

  22. u look fab with high waist pants darling

  23. Love them riding pants. Wish I had the legs to pull them off! x