Tuesday, May 17, 2011

doggy dealings

tuesday tuesday! 5 exams down, 6 to go :) hope you've all been good!
just a short post today because i'm quite tired and need a good rest :) but i was wondering about what to blog about today, and i was thinking about how much i want a puppy! you probably know how much i want a puppy by now, i'm a bit obsessed really :P but that got me thinking about doggy fashion. and thus was the inspiration for today's post :)
nowadays, about 6/10 dog owners have some sort of clothing or jacket for them, so i wanted to have a look at what's out there for dogs because i know that when i finally get my pup i will definitely put it in something! :)
here's what i found from normal doggy sites-
probably what you'd expect from pup clothing. i wasn't too surprised with most of it and it was all reasonably priced but there were a few things that i found particularly nice and a bit strange.. for example the denim doggy miniskirt is going a bit to far... really not sure about that! and then also the dog tuxedo was a bit strange. i think it's weird to dress a dog up in something identical to what a human would wear haha. what do you think? this is why i don't like the stripy pink thing that resembles a swimsuit is a little strange. i can imagine a crazy dog man or lady putting this on their dog and putting it in a pram and pushing it around :S crazyyy!
haha, but on the other hand i really like the blue waterproof jacket i think that's adorable :P and i really like the great britain hoodie but i hate sequins :P the "what does your t shirt say?" tee is where you can insert your own writing which i think would be really cute! awww :P i also love the winter wooly jumper with the little bones on it! so so cute haha. can you imagine it on a tiny little miniature dog awww! 
i think that dog's fashion is a tiny bit creepy but if done in the right way it would be really cute. but i definitely don't agree with anyone strapping up a dog in something all day every day! so anyway here's some more designer classy things i found, mainly ralph lauren ;) i'm not a big fan of ralph lauren clothing but their dog stuff is really cute!
i love all these! they're all so so cute haha! the ones with the names on the back are personifyable :P i think i made that word up but you can personalise them which is really sweet! what do you think? the last one is louis vuitton, i don't really like it to be honest. too much, one of the little ralph lauren jumpers would be a lot cuter!
so you've seen the clothing! what do you all think of it? would you dress your dog up?
i'll just leave you with some photos i really like :P enjoy the hot dog one and have a lovely week! :) ronan xxx


  1. omg just scene your post aaawww u r puppy bonkas and its so sweet, i remember when i wanted a puppy and now i got a prince... ''hard work''! lol

    but they are lovely pets you are really good at posts u cater to all fashion needs!!

    night hun, leggings should be with u soon


  2. Haha this post is amazing. I love looking at dogs clothes. Luckily my little chihuahua does not mind when I put clothes on him. You have dogs that get all crazy. The again they are dogs...


  3. clothes for dogs are great !
    it looks so cute !


  4. @monzie haha awww! thank you :D can't wait! xxx

    @angel haha thank you me too! haha hopefully when i get mine s/he wont object to being dressed :P xxx

    @kamila agreed :) xxx

  5. I do dress my dog up occasionally. Nothing to restrictive for him though. He does have a cute santa coat for Christmas :)