Sunday, May 29, 2011

shrek the musical!

good morning all!
and how are you this fine morning?  i'm in a very jolly mood because yesterday i went to see shrek the musical! :D it is an amazing musical right up there with the lion king and hairspray! even better possibly ;) it was so so good, and obviously an excuse to dress up!
this morning i tweeted amanda holden to say how amazing she was in it and she tweeted back! woohoo! :P haha, so exciting! i would definitely recommend you to see it! they've mixed it up and made it hilarious, up to date and fun for the whole family with a cast including amanda holden as fiona, nigel lindsay as shrek, nigel harman as lord farquaad and richard blackwood as donkey. we had really great seats too with a clear view of the stage and they were only £45 which is quite good for the theatre so book fast! :)
so anyway, i thought why not dress up! and here's what i decided to wear :) there's quite a few pictures but i hope you enjoy them :)
i absolutely love this dress, siobhan made it for me a little while ago and as my mum put it, it has a really classic and sophisticated look.
shoes- irregular choice. bracelet- mummy. 
these are the shoes as seen in a post in march. i was going to wear these then i realised that we'd be taking the bus and train to get there and get back and there'd be a heck of a lot of walking over that cobbled patch in covent garden and my poor little feet :P so i decided to go for the easy option of wearing flats.
shoes- red or dead holly. i love these shoes, they're ridiculously comfortable! courtesy of siobhan for my 16th :D 
jacket- topshop. mum got me this for christmas and i love it so much. it's super warm and comfy but also looks quite good. i was going to wear a blazer but i wanted to casual it up a bit :) although in the end, i decided against these shoes with this jacket-just a little too much sheepskin...
shoes- selfridges. as seen in another post . siobhan got me these shoes also and i decided to wear them because i love the colour, and they went with what i was wearing without taking attention off my dress :)

nails- maybeline light pink, rio white and maybeline red. as you know my nails are real and i do them myself :) i decided to do the tips red because last week i had them light pink and dark pink and i really liked it but i wanted a bit more colour and to try something new.
lipstick and mascara - barry m.
i pulled one of my pink lipstick, blue mascara acts yesterday.  i decided not to go for my usual white eyeliner because i wanted it to be a little more subtle but still colourful which is also why i went for pink lipstick instead of red. 
i also decided to put all my hair to the side for a change and to look a little different :)
here are a few photos of things i saw on the way to shrek. hope you love my outfit as much as i do and enjoyed reading today's post! ronan xxx


  1. Gosh look at those legs, you look like a model...x

  2. Glad you enjoyed the dog fashion post, I was inspired by you :)
    You look fabulous and have an amazing figure. Loving the nails too, I don't know how you keep them so long, I have to use false ones.

  3. You look so beautiful, love the dress! And the musical seems so funny!

    Kisses xXx

  4. Amazing dress and I love your hair!

  5. Great outfit girl, you look fab! Love the dress, jacket, shoes...! Oooh I would like to that musical too, love Shrek haha :D

    Enjoy your Sunday dear!

  6. Loving the bomber jacket and the dress!.. Haha I think Shrek is one of the few musical I don't like. I have seen way to many musicals and broadway shows but I agree that Hairspray is one of the best ones! The movie does no justice to the musical whatsoever! My favorite one is still Hair!

    All the best, Angel

  7. YOU R A STUNNER DARLING, loving your post as always-- checked out your sisters site loving the dresses wow!

    ''pink cut out number oh weee''... lol

    you look wonderful hair nails lips eyes dress wow i love it!

    i need to go to a theatre!!



  8. Love the dress on you. I love your nails..they are so cool. Hope you enjoyed the movie.

    Heel in Mint

  9. @promise >.< thank you :D xxx

    @lace thank you! so happy i inspired you :) thank you so much :D haha i take good care of my nails :P xxx

    @michelle thank you! it was i'd definitely recommend it :D xxx

    @madison thank you so much! :) xxx

    @alicia thank you so much, really appreciate it :D haha you too! xxx

    @angel thank you! :) really?! i've heard of the american one but maybe you need to see the english one because it's simply fantastic! i'd love to see hair :) xxx

    @monzie thank you so much :D haha, thank you! do! xxx

    @a heel thank you loads! :) the show was brill! xxx

  10. You look fabulous, I love those blue polka dot pumps! :)

    The Cat Hag

  11. You look amazing!
    So pretty!
    Your blog is amazing too! <3
    Following you!
    Hope you follow me too!

  12. @addie thank you so much, lovely blog! :) following you xxx

    @nerdglasses thank you so much! :D really love your blog too! following :) xxx

  13. I love your dress especially with the jacket and your nails! You also have a very pretty smile!

  14. @chloe mia, thank you so much :D xxx

  15. wow!!! :o
    That dress looks amazing on your body....but then again, your body looks amazing, can't rob you of that. WOW!