Thursday, May 19, 2011

wednesday wants

morning all!  well, it's the evening for me now writing this but i'm doing my first "scheduled post" today so it will be posted thursday at about 10am? yeah :D this is so exciting haha! it's so cool that you can schedule posts for when you'll be away or something! this is why the post is called wednesday wants, as i'm writing this on wednesday, whilst watching the apprentice in fact. did any of you watch the apprentice? i was actually very impressed with susan although i did find it a bit pathetic when she got the hat down 1p! (for those that don't know, the apprentice is a show where lord alan sugar is looking for a new apprentice and they have to undergo a series of tasks of which today's was basically haggling).
so anyway, when you read this i'll be in my french reading exam! and i'll have 6 exams down, 4 to go. they've been going quite well so i'm quite pleased :) and at the end of my exams i've decided that i'm going to splash out and treat myself to something :) so i was just having a look at what's out at the moment and here are my wednesday (or thursday) wants!
i've started cheating and making photo mashups on polyvore but loads of this stuff wasn't on there so it was a copy and paste job for this image board!
1. i love these tights! they'd snazz up any outfit.
2. shorts - i think i makey un mistakey and they're £34 and the same fit as my gorgeous red ones as seen in and i love the pattern on them! 
3. white dress- for some reason i really liked this :) simple but lovely and great for summer with some bright accessories or shoes :)
4. yellow dress- i love the fabric on this but i think if the dress was a different style it would be nicer although i do like this dress. i think if it was the style of either of the dresses beside it it'd be nicer.
5. there's something about this i love! i think it's just the big bright flowers which is definitely me :)
6. blue denim skirt- i love this skirt. i tried a similar one on and it fit like a high waisted pencil skirt which was gorgeous. i've stopped trying things on for the time being because i'm trying to save my money and once it's on, you know how hard it is to not buy it:P
7. sunflower knickers- i just love these. they'd make you feel sunny :D
8. toast earrings- hannah  makes things was mentioned to me by my brother's lovely (and very stylish) girlfriend tané and i've been on it ever since looking at their quirky and pretty cheap jewellery! i love toast, and i have my ears pierced so what a perfect combination ;)
9. pineapple print blue vest- sometimes i look at this and i like it, but sometimes i don't... what do you think?
10. platform sandals - okay so every so often you'll see something that's not your usual style but you absolutely love it! this is definitely one of those, it's something that i just can't describe but i love them :P
11. trio of animal rings- yep love these, i find it hard to find rings that suit me because i have quite long slim fingers but these look great especially the rabbit one!
12. lace skirt- i saw one of these in a fashion edit in cosmo the other day as well as the gorgeous lace dress cheryl cole wore in her glamour spread and i absolutely love this one! nice one urby ;) (that was for you wooby if you're reading :P)
13. yellow bag- i find it quite hard to find a bag that i like and would use but i really love this one! i love the vibrant but not too bright colour and it looks classy qui est moi ;)
1. i saw this in store today and i loved it! the only thing is that i think i wear vest tops more than i actually do so it might go wasted :( and if i wore it with something high waisted it wouldn't be an r any more... hmm. decisions decisions.
2&3. i love both of these blazers! they're soft, comfy and i think they're quite well priced although i'm confused as to why they're different prices? :S maybe the pattern is more expensive for the one on the right. anyway i love both these blazers so much, the only problem is that they have no button or clasp so they can't button up at the front which potentially annoying enough to be a deal breaker... 
4. leggings- these trackies are like uber comfortable good looking leggings when they're on! i have wanted a pair for ages but i never actually got round to buying them, probably due to lack of funds :P but i really like them and think they should get themselves into my wardrobe ;)
5. found this oversized basketball vest on this other great website tané recommended i have a look at called luisa viaroma which has a wide range of designer clothing :) i love this addidas vest thing, i think it would look so cool dressed up with a bodycon skirt and blazer or down with jeans or something. i could see it working and it would be mine! if i had £91 to spend on a single item :P
6. jack wills shorts- these have a cool doodly pattern on them which i just liked :) can't say much more :P they're just cool!
7. gold chain - i've wanted one of these for ages! today in topshop keisha and i found some in the sale for £3.50! bargain! keisha bought one but it hung a little too low for me :(
8. parrot necklace watch- another cool creating from hannah makes things here :) definitely something cool, you could imagine someone saying "what time is it?" to which you'd have to reply - "let me ask my parrot" hahaha :P
9. jacket- american apparel don't have pictures of the item alone but i love love love this jacket! the jacket i have and wear mostly is an american apparel baseball type nylon one which is amazing quality as i've had it for ages so you know you can trust american apparel! it would be great for the cooler summer nights or days, snuggling up in your jacket :D yes please!
10. shiny blue leggings- hahaha so the story behind these is that at underage festival in 2009 i got a free hug from this supercool dude in blue lyrca leggings! sounds a bit creepy but they looked so funny and so funny that they were kinda good? so i reckon i could make these joke of a trouser work! i'd totally give it a go anyway it'd be great! wont know if you never try ;)
11&12. vivienne westwood shoes are actually pretty cool! i love these two pairs so much, pity they're so expensive. they're so unique and there's nothing else like them which i really like :) i'm not sure how the jelly shoe style would be good quality but for £120 it better be;)
so i hope you have an amazing thursday! and rest of week for that matter and enjoyed reading my post :) ronan xxx


  1. i love the top shop dresses


  2. I love the Topshop shorts, but gosh, they're starting to take the mick with their prices. I really want a pair of the star print tights too.

  3. omg love the topshop shorts I really want them :( :( I think £24 is the most reasonable price I've seen from topshop before aahhahaa normally I see stuff for £40+

  4. @ms nana thank you! xxx

    @fritha me too! exactly, we're so obviously being ripped off :( xxx

    @cheyenne yeah! they're £34 i wrote it wrong :P but you're right! xxx

  5. i got the exact same shorts today from new look?? bad ass tribal print Aztec Hotpants



  6. nice post and beautiful pictures. thanks for your comment! check out my new post!

  7. i love vivienne's westwood shoes !
    they're lovely !


  8. I have those aztec print topshop shorts! love them! love all your wishlists sweetie! :-)

    thankyou for the comment on my blog! :)