Thursday, May 26, 2011

mum's shoes and janelle

afternoon everyone :)
hope you're having a good week! i've not been up to too much, relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather :) yesterday, my mum read my blog for the first time ever! and hopefully she'll be reading again today so hello mum! :) just a quick post today to share with you something that happened to me for the first time today and also my beautiful sister janelle's new outfit!
so first, today, i managed to successfully persuade my mum to give me one of her million pairs of shoes which are from new look, and absolutely gorgeous-
this is the first time i've stolen/been given a pair of my mum's shoes and she was actually quite pleased that i even wanted them :P but, there is a reason why i've decided to share this with you. my first attempt at stealing my mum's shoes went completely belly up.
little did i know that although pretty and so me, my little feet just wont fit into a size 7. so after walking to the post office my feet were absolutely dead, and i decided to take a new and very efficient mode of transport home- the brocycle ;)
this picture taken after the brocycle (marcel) carried me home from the post office and i'd changed into my toms.
shoes- toms, jeans-akademiks, skinny belt- primark, tee- made by siobhan, painted by me :)
next, janelle :)
janelle is my little big sister who's 20 and recently undergone a wardrobe change. she's decided that she wants to look more sophisticated and chic and her is one of her new outfits that suit her perfectly.
shirt - new look.
this chiffon shirt really compliments the outfit and goes perfectly with it. smart but also casual and the gold buttons look great. this type of shirt is really in this season but paired with the high waisted trousers janelle's made it individual.
grey trousers and grey skinny belt- new look. sandals- apple bottoms at
these grey chino style trousers are perfect for summer. they're comfortable, lightweight, smart but chic and very sophisticated which is what janelle was going for :) 
silver chrystal cross necklace was a present from my mum :)
janelle please don't kill me for putting this one in :P i love it because it shows that the outfit really can be everyday, and also janelle's personality :D 
and last i just love this photo :) janelle can't remember where the earrings are from but similar ones are available from accessorize, jane norman or topshop :)
so i hope you've enjoyed reading today! ronan :) xxx


  1. thats must of been some heavy negotiations for those shoes as they are gorgeous! also loving your sisters outfit - suits her perfectly and she looks stunning


  2. is marcel your brother? so there's 4 of you brothers/sisters? you have a very beautiful family! your sister's outfit is fabulous...i love the gold buttons on her blouse.

  3. cool post! i think you look great and i love the shoes!

    i just came across your blog. i think its great. maybe you can visit mine and we can follow eachother?!?


  4. @pretty haha something like "mummyyyy do you love me?" :P aww thank you :) xxx

    @oomph yeah marcel's my brother :) haha yeah 4 of us in total! thank you so much :) xxx

    @figo thank you! following now, lovely blog :) xxx

  5. nice post, love toms!! ur sisters so pretty and her look is perfect!!- very smart! :)

    spk sn



  6. I love the classic look of your sister's outfit.

  7. u and ur sis have amazing styles!

  8. Cute pictures. You both look pretty. Love your sister's look.

    Heel in Mint

  9. Your mum's shoes are so cute. :) and your sister is quite stylish and extraextra pretty :>.

  10. Haha that is amazing! The brocycle.. Was it odd for your mom to read your blog?

    All the best, Angel

  11. very cute shoes and the gorls look very pretty :)

    please stop by mine some time :)

  12. @monzie i love toms too! thank you :) xxx

    @erica thank you! xxx

    @independent thank you :) xxx

    @a heel thank you so much :) xxx

    @cathy yeah they're great! thanks :) xxx

    @angel hahah yeah, a little but she'll be reading every post now! :) xxx

    @thanks :) will do! xxx

  13. You have a great hair!

    Following you from Portugal*

  14. Your sister is beautiful so is you :) I love your mom' s shoes.

  15. @lucyana it's my sister :) thank you i'll check out your blog! xxx

    @deniz thank you :) xxx

  16. Wow, I love the shoes! And your sister is gorgeous! I love her trousers and the way she has done her eye makeup!


  17. @jo thank you! aww :D i'm glad you like it! xxx

  18. I really want a pair of toms! and the heels your mum gave you are gorgeous! :-)
    and your sister's wardrobe looks like an amazing one, she looks so stunning and smart! and her hair is to die for! wish my hair was that long...

    thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  19. your sis is so gorgeous

    check out my new post girl!

  20. Amazing look by ur sis! lovely post doll!

  21. Those shoes are gorgeous, your lucky that you can wear your mum's shoes! My mum has size 3 feet, there abnormally small and I can't fit my feet in her shoes, no matter how hard I try!
    Your sister looks gorgeous too, I love her outfit, the last picture is my favourite too! Your family is just filled with lookers! ;D.

  22. @becca get some! they're the most comfy shoes ever! thank you :D haha xxx

    @florence thank you! will do :) xxx

    @karima thanks :) xxx

    @danielle haha that's hilarious! :P thank you so much :D xxx

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  24. loveeee the pictures. where did you buy your toms? Ive been trying to find a good pair for ages!x

  25. @beauty babie thank you! :D i got mine from schuh! but office is really good too or go straight to the toms online store :) xxx

  26. She's gorgeous and she looks great with the new look...i'm loving her luscious hair!

  27. @stylish haha, i'll let her know :) xxx

  28. I love your sister's style <3


  29. hiya :D !!!
    i L.O.V.E everything about your blog!!! <3
    and i read what you said about my artwork, sorry i replied so late i've been so busy with exams and stuff :'(
    but you've given me ideas, hopefully for the final piece for my art exam :)
    i was wondering if you lived in harlesden or anywhere near coz it looks like it in the (BEAUTIFUL) pics of your sister lol