Monday, June 13, 2011


good evening!
how are you all today? :) hope you're well and had a fab day. today i went to camden with my beautiful friend anissa to buy hairdye so she can die her hair pink. yes pink. i'll show you photos when she does it! we also went to this aquatics shop near my home to have a look at the snakes they sell! i totally want a snake now :P
also, this morning i woke up to see that i have 102 followers! :D woooo! thank you all so much for reading and supporting me, incuding those of you who don't have blogger accounts but still read my blog! your support means everything to me and i'm so glad you enjoy my blog! to celebrate reaching 100 followers i'll be doing a blog giveaway later this week so keep checking because it'll probably be on wednesday or friday! :)
anissa is one of my closest friends and has a really unique and quriky style. (photo taken about 2 years ago :P)
she has always been really colourful and interested in different styles and by raiding her mum's old wardrobe from the 80's, anissa's style has turned into a really great mix between modern and vintage. 
today i noticed that anissa's outfit was particularly nice and really summed up her personality so today, i'd like to share a little bit of anissa with you :)

jumper and skirt - vintage, ring-tiffany & co.
lipstick - collection 2000, specs- gok wan for specsavers
bag-runway factory (closed down now) and tights- primark
necklace - homemade.
anissa is amazing at making her own things and customising things to exactly the way she wants them. a classic example of this is two tone tights, anissa took 2 pairs of old tights and did some snipping and cutting and created this amazing pair of 2 tone tights! inspired by 2 tone tights at american apparel. this necklace is another example of this, a coin and chain from egypt here anissa has changed them into a lovely unique necklace :)
you are really lucky to see these photos because anissa never wears jumpers! this lovely knit one was from her stylish mama's wardrobe and it suits anissa perfectly! it also goes great with the suede-like skirt because the jumper alone could look quite wintery but the skirt adds loads of colour and summers it up!
 trainers- converse.
i think it's really cool how the red and black of this outfit are brought together in the trainers and i really like that :) anissa's tights are also really cool, patterned fishnets which primark are actually really good for!
you can see how the back of the tights are thick seamed which adds an extra something to the tights and takes them away from just being fishnets. i love anissas bag as well, today she said that it's the only bag big enough for her massive headphones but i really like it because it's so different. 
this is such a beautiful photo of anissa and it really captured her which is what i love about it. anissa calls these glasses her "john lennon glasses" and after a week of everyone making harry potter jokes we all got used to them and now i really like them haha!
it's hard to analyse this outfit because it just screams anissa and she put it together and looks so lovely in it and that's really all i can say! :) 
thank you for letting me take photos of you anissa! and i had a really lovely day with you today.
here are just a few photos of what i wore today, pretty trampy compared to anissa haha but i think you might want to see anyway :) 
shirt - uniqlo, lipstick - barry m
bag and boots - topshop
bodycon dress- siobhan mckenzie
belt - shoelace, can't remember where from :)
i just put this outfit together to wear something comfortable popping into town and it was colder when i left my house! haha. i hope you've all had a lovely weekend and great day :) i'll be posting my giveaway later this week don't forget! ronan xxx


  1. How cute is her outfit, well both of you! I love your styles. Adore the lipstick your both wearing too! Thankyou for you lovely comment x

  2. ohwow, you two really compliment each other well.
    cant believe your shirt is Uni Qlo.

    Jen xx

    p.s. thank you for the lovely comments.

  3. i really like her quriky style and you look nice as always.... i'm creating a new foam design soon look out for it on my post soon!



  4. aw~
    i love both of your style <3
    so gorgeous :)
    and her outfit so gorgeous <3
    i love it :)


  5. Wonderful pictures :). If you like my blog, you follow me.
    I'll follow you too :D.

    Alla moda e con stile

  6. Ooh congrats on the 100 followers :) & you girls look ADORABLE!! Love both outfits :)


  7. Thank you for your comment :) Those are some very awesome outfits displayed there! xo

  8. nice blog!!!! beautiful pictures :)
    follow me I always follow back ;)

  9. @gingersnap thank you so much! :) you're welcome! xxx

    @jen do we? :P thank you haha, yeah it was a great find! xxx

    @monzie i'll let her know :) thank you! will do xxx

    @riestya thank you so much :D xxx

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    @tegan my pleasure and thanks! :) xxx

    @fashion tnt thank you! i'll check your blog out :) xxx

  10. Your styles are completely different but both so amazing!
    I love your shirt! I wonder if I could make one of those...


  11. Love both your style! Its very refreshing to see two very individual people!

    I love Camden, hope you had a great day!

    Girl about Town XxX

  12. your friend has the best style! i love her skirt. you both look really nice here, your shirt is ace! xx

  13. @dominique thank you! haha i'm sure you could if you have any sewing skills ;) xxx

    @sassy okay :) xxx

    @girlabouttown thank you :D yeah it was great! xxx

    @caroline thank you :) i'll let her know you said so! xxx

  14. Aww digging Anissa's outfit! You are too sweet to feature your friend and say those nice things about her. I was scared to scroll down cause you said you went to a snake store, and I was afraid you were going to have pics! I HATE SNAKES!!!!!


  15. wow! lovely outfit! :)

    follow each other?
    - following you x

  16. your outfits are fab! i love the shades of blue in

  17. congratulations on 102, gorgeous! :)

  18. Gorgeous outfits as always! I love the colour of your skirt, so bright! Congratulations on your followers!

  19. @sophia thank you :D haha she has lovely style so everything i said was the truth :) haha don't worry! the snakes i saw were more like worms :) xxx

    @lupe thank you! i'll check your blog out :)xxx

    @grunge thank you so mmuch :) xxx

    @eggplant thanks a bunch! :) xxx

    @danielle thank you! yeah it's really vibrant! thank you :) xxx

  20. You two both look cute.


  21. You and your friend have really great styles!