Monday, June 06, 2011

furry maths

hello:) how are you?
hope you're well, just a short post for me tonight because i have a full night of revision ahead for my science gcse tomorrow. today i had maths and it went completely belly up so i'll have to be revising hard for friday when i have my other maths paper :)
today's maths test gave me the inspiration for today's post... after a little bit of googling i found russian born mathematician turned fashion designer! helen yarmak is a designer that tries to do something different with common fabrics.. for example fur. so i thought i'd show you some fur pieces from her collection and also some other fur i found :) i'm not usually a fan of fur, especially since the wave of "faux fur" garments that we all saw earlier this year, but i found a few things that i actually would wear!
helen yarmak
you can see exactly what i mean about helen yarmak's garments being different :P look what she does with the fur! i also really love that her models are wearing simply bodysuits to bring all the attention to the coat.
1. i've never seen a purple fur coat before and i really like the design of it because it's not too in your face. well it is, but it's not at the same time :P it's really cool, although i think everything on the helen yarmak catwalk might look a tad crazy in real life.
2. this is quite a simple one and i like it paired with the bag and gold jewellery. the only thing i don't like about it is the ferret-esque ness off it. but maybe that's the point? what do you think?
3. i love this one! i would actually wear this one and risk looking like a complete nutcase in public! i love the colour and design so much, it's cool and quirky and although it looks like you'd find it in your grandma's charity shop bag, it's cool and i reckon i could make it work with high waisted denim shorts and a vertically striped tee or maybe a plain bodycon dress.. i think yes.
these are a few more statement pieces.
1. slightly different to the other one and not quite as nice i think. a little too much maybe.
2 & 3. these two resemble an orangutan and a blurangatan haha. that's what they remind me off! maybe i can't quite understand the genius of them but... i can't see when they'd look good at all!
these ones are supposed to be more everyday as you can probably tell. and they're okay i guess, not worth it for the ££££+ price tag. i quite like the one far left, but if it has a front and back tail? i'm not too keen on that.
here are some slightly less furry fur coats that i found on asos. 
the first is just a waistcoat and i actually like it! i think it's good a nice balance of fur and not fur.
2. this is horrid.. who agrees with me? it looks like someone's tried to hide some poor animal they killed in their jacket. not keen on this and for £370! i don't think so!
3. this is a style i've seen quite regularly.. but it doesn't mean it's any good. although i wouldn't completely dismiss it! i'm sure someone could make it look good, and i think i probably could if i had money to waste.
4. £15 for a jacket!..... no i lie sorry :P this is a fur collar that you can buy and attach it to your real coat? um.. really? this is almost as mad as seeing suri cruise (aged 3) at number 21 of the glamour best dressed list! i don't really get this, but i'm very keen for someone to show me how it's done? if it was a jacket it might actually be nice :P 
and finally, here's a fur coat selection i made on polyvore - check my polyvore out for more details if you like something. there's just a different type of fur which intrigued me so enjoy!
hope you've enjoyed reading today :) have a lovely week! ronan xxx


  1. gorgeous fur

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  2. Thank you thank you for your comment on my blog, it made me smile so much!
    I must say I'm not a fan of real fur, I just couldn't bring myself to wear it, but love fake fur. I have a fake fur gilet and I'm forever hunting for the perfect affordable fake fur coat. Haha I love what you've written about the hideous waistcoast with fur arms from asos!! And I think those fur collars are really cool, you can attach them to a denim or leather jacket or a cardigan or a winter coat to add a bit of fur to your outfit without going the whole hog :)

  3. Also good luck with your exams, ALSO I've just been looking back through your blog and I love it! Love the street style photos you took on Brick Lane and your style is adorable, wish I had been that stylish when I was 16 haha! Definitely following <3




  5. I had the maths exam today as well! And I have the next one on Friday too! That question about expressing h using x was a killer :S
    Good luck with your next one!
    I'm quite tempted to buy a fur coat for next winter but I'll see how I feel nearer the time :)
    Teenage Daydreams

  6. helen yarmak coats are maaaaaad! but yes you should get the blouse i wear it ALLL the time :) and thankyou for the lovely comment! xxxxx

  7. I like the purple and the blue one (3rd one). The last two remind me of the yeti monster. LOL

    Good luck with your exams babe.


  8. Wouldn't it be a bit warm with all that fur right now? ;-) They are all beautiful and I now can't wait for autumn to arrive, so I can wear my white fox fur. Good luck with your exams.

    You'd like to follow each other?

  9. @florence thank you! :) i did xxx

    @helen thank you for your lovely comments :D replied on your blog! xxx

    @monzie thanks! :) xxx

    @helen ah tell me about it! :( good luck to you too! haha i'm thinking exactly the same! have to get a lovely one like the blue though :) xxx

    @becca they totally are! and i definitely will be! :D my pleasure :) xxx

    @tesh thank you :) hahaha yeti that's great! xxx

    @sofie yeah a little, but for winter! ooh! :D thanks :) i'll check your blog out :) xxx

  10. omg fur ! i want the blue one

    thank you for your comment, it made me smile. i just did another post do check it out if you have time :D

  11. how interesting! And I love these furs

  12. gotta love fur!!
    its getting hot now :(

  13. @the nyanzi thank you :) xxx

    @florence haha me too! :) okay sure xxx

    @grace thanks :) me too! xxx

    @jazzy haha yeah it's different :) xxx

    @lolade agreed! xxx

  14. WHY HAVE I NEVER SEEN YOUR BLOG BEFORE? its gorgeous! hello new follower xxxx

  15. The fur coats are the only reason I survive winter-times..

  16. This a great post i love all the blue fur! Hope your exams go well I have a maths exams on Friday too not looking forward to it :/

  17. in love with the purple one!


  18. Very great find. Thanks for sharing :)

  19. Thank you =) Yep, built-in underwear! Kind of a weird idea actually, hahaha. Fur coats scare me x_x

  20. The colorful pieces look fantastic! How interesting - mathematician-turned-fashion designer!

    sorelle in style

  21. @erleppard haha thank you so much! :D you have a lovely blog too! xxx

    @marielle haha so true! xxx

    @chloe mia thanks me too! :) oh and good luck to you too! xxx

    @melissa it's lovely :) xxx

    @anastasheeka thank you :) xxx

    @amaris haha yeah! why#? :( xxx

    @j thank you :D i know that's what i thought! xxx