Friday, June 03, 2011

euqinom 7

afternoon all!
how are you? :) if you're in london probably happy because we're having such amazing weather at the moment! who said global warming didn't have any perks? ;) just a short post for me today because i have some revision cramming to do :P just wanted to tell you (mum, dad) that i'm still determined to get my miniature puppy and when i do, i'm going to call him/her rocky or lily :D 
today i wanted to talk to you about an up and coming designer called monzie from i first came across monzie's blog a few months ago and ever since have been wowed by her creativeness and individual style! so much so that i awarded her the sunshine award for being fresh, new and so supportive to my blog as i'm still pretty new to it! monzie is currently at college doing a fashion course and actually made me a pair of leggings that she thought would be tailored to my individual style so here they are! i love them :D thank you so much monzie!
striped crop top- topshop. my new leggings are chic, colourful and stylish! 
excuse the incredible hulk stance :P handmade and i think perfect for me! each little shape was hand stuck on and i love the pattern around the knees especially.
i put them with this crop top because although the leggings black, the colourful foam brightens them up and they'll be perfect for summer! this crop top is also great for summer and i think it really suits the leggings
knitted sweater- beyond retro.
so it was boiling today! but for those breezy cooler summer days or nights an oversized colourful jumper like this would go perfectly with my leggings! although colourful, they're not too bright so could also be a subtle accompaniment like in this outfit :)
you may have noticed... my claws are gone! :( another one broke yesterday and as majority have splits in them i decided to cut them all off and start again but i've been assured that they don't look too shabby.
the foam pieces make it 3d and totally different from anything i've seen before. i love the handmade quality they have and anyone could tell a lot of thought and effort had gone into them :) can't wait to wear them again so thank you monzie! :D
check out monzie's blog - for something different :) also, i've remade my tumblr because it stopped working :( so check it out - thank you and i hope you enjoyed reading today! ronan xxx


  1. LOVE those leggings, really cute!

  2. your blog is so cute!:)
    if you want you'll be my follower..

  3. love the knit! and those leggings are great xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  4. @precious thanks! :) xxx

    @mjonas thank you! :D i'll check it out! xxx

    @stiene thank you! will do :D xxx

    @ella thank you! beyond retro ;) xxx

  5. ranon thanku so much from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU ill never forget this NEVER aaaawww my heart skipped a few beats i am always grateful for support... ronan you can be my clothes model any day!



  6. really cute leggings!

    Heel in Mint

  7. Those leggings are so chic!

    Check out my new giveaway too!



  8. those are so cute and fun! i feel like i would be instantly happy if i had those on!

  9. OMG I really LOVE LOVE LOVE this leggins <3 Perfect! Great blog! I'm following ofc, check my blog and follow back if you want to:

  10. ooooommmmmmggggg!! those leggings and the way you styled it SICK!!

    Jen xx

  11. these legging are crazy! love it

  12. @monzie no thank YOU honestly! :D they're perfect i love them so much! i would love to! xxx

    @a heel thank you! xxx

    @ms fashionista thank you so much i definitely will!:) xxx

    @kristen haha that's exactly the feeling! xxx

    @hitme thank you so so much! :D i will definitely check it out thank you! xxx

    @jen thank you jen! :D xxx

    @lolade haha thanks! xxx

  13. leggings look hot on you babe - I love Monzie's blog - she's sooo dope!!
    Yeahhh I know, soo glad their in office now :p xx

  14. Leggings are awesome..They look nice on you too..(agreeing with Shy there). Monzie did a great job.


  15. Aww, this is lovely,
    I loved it!

    Henar ♥
    ... OH MY VOGUE!

  16. the leggings are so cute
    I love your nails


  17. I wish I was in London right now, I'm sure the weather here where I live doesn't compare to the weather there! I like how you tied your top!

  18. You always have the craziest pattern and designs and I always obsess over them when I see them!

    All the best, Angel

  19. gosh your style is so unconvetional!!
    and i totally LOVE it
    super cute girl!!!
    hope you'll follow me so i'll do the same

    Syriously in Fashion

  20. @cheyenne thank you :D yeah she is! haha you and me both xxx

    @tesh thank you so much! :) xxx

    @henar thank you :D xxx

    @jean thank you! :) xxx

    @amaris aww :( i'm sure it'll get better! :) thank you! xxx

    @angel haha thank you so much :D xxx

    @syrious thank you :D i'll check your blog out!:D xxx

  21. Awesome outfit!!! And I hope you get your puppy ;)
    Btw thanks for your lovely suggestion and you following me, I'm returning the favor :)

  22. crazy leggings! they look awesome and yes the weathers crazy here in cheshire, it's bright blue skies! i was in london the other week and i was like OMG ITS BOILING when it was 10 degrees here it was 24 in london MAD!
    and yes i'm in love with adrianne jewellery it's amaaaazing!

    thanks for the comment on my blog

  23. @grace thank you! :D haha me too! :)thank you! xxx

    @becca thank you :D haha yeah that's so mad! we're having such amazing weather down here for a change! pity it's when i have to be revising :L adrianne jewellery is gorgeous! :) xxx

  24. what great leggings! i love how you paired them with the top and the sweater, both go great :)
    j'adore your blog! following :)

  25. @agent thank you so much :D i'll check yours out! xxx

  26. Your blog is lovely!I am your new follower,I would really appreciate if you could visit my blog and follow me as well.

  27. @dorota thank you! :) will check it out! xxx

    @elise thanks! :D xxx

  28. @daisychain thank you :) xxx

  29. These leggings are amazing!
    love love love them!


  30. Can I steal your leggings? :P

    JustMeggiEssa's BLOG